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Find me a weight loss plan that i will actually do?

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Houseconfusion Thu 18-Aug-16 13:54:43


Here I am. needing to lose 20, ideally 25 kilos.

Context: Working FT in a demanding role that challenges my brain and which I love. Also mum to a 10 month old. Dh also in FT work. no family anywhere around. Our days end in a slump on the sofa at 7:30/8 pm absolutely shattered. The weight was gained all during pregnancy and I really need to lost it because I also have a knee condition (patella dislocates and I fall) which is triggered when I gain weight. Mornings are crazy with DS - i never eat breakfast. Lunches perplex me as I can never figure out what to eat. Evenings are binge time - massive portions, or takeaways.

Weaknessees: Salty food. Hot cooked meals. Carbs, KFC

Dislikes: Cannot stand Sweet tastes (so not even any sweet fruit like banana), cold food (I am non-Western and never quite learnt the cold salad/sandwich culture tbh)

What I know: Breakfast should not be skipped (unless one is doing intermittent fasting). Whole carbs, plenty of fruit and veg on plate, plenty of water, healthy fats.

What I have tried: 5:2 (got too hungry gave up), slimming world (too exhausted all the fucking time to cook).

Other details: Too tired to exercise, actually no time to do anything really. And do not drink, never have.

I am now quite desperate. DH could also do with losing 15 kilos. DS on the other hand eats home cooked whatever we eat so unless we aim to cook sperate sets of food (really, thats haoppening. not). - i dont see how he can eat any extreme diet we are on.

It is the exhaustion really. the constant exhaustion of it being 8 pm and me thinking - oh - what now then? We are both overweight, both tired and need to be told what to do sad

Sallycinnamum Thu 18-Aug-16 14:01:28

I'm watching this with interest OP as I'm utterly confused as to what to eat anymore.

JamieVardysParty Thu 18-Aug-16 14:22:11

Google TDEE calculator. Fill in your details and find out how many calories your body needs per day. Then take away 500 calories. This will result in a weekly deficit of 3500 which equals one lb.

Buy electronic weighing scales and weigh everything. Use the nutritional information for portion size and stick to that. Use an app like My Fitness Pal to log it.

I've lost about 5kg in just over a month just by doing this. I've had crisps, McDonalds, chocolate cake etc ONLY if it fits into my calories. I don't feel deprived or "on a diet" at all. The more I weigh etc, the more your eye gets trained to working out a portion so I no longer have to weigh everything so diligently. Portion sizes are absolutely key!

Today I've had:
Huge bowl of Greek yoghurt with berries for breakfast
Tuna salad and tub of Pringles for lunch. Cappuccino.
Tonight will be steak and wedges.
I'll also have calories left over for some chocolate - normally a fun size one or a couple of squares of Galaxy.

I also enjoy meal planning and prepping on a Sunday. DH will cook a big joint of meat on Sunday which we eat that night with salad/veggies. The next day, you have leftovers for lunch and some meat goes into a curry. Tuesday lunch is curry leftovers and dinner is fajitas for example. Wednesday lunch is then leftover fajitas and I then might cook another joint of meat or just prep food for the next couple of nights.

Check out Lean in 15 which has healthy meals that don't take long.

Houseconfusion Thu 18-Aug-16 15:00:00

Wow those are some great ideas. I wish i could get rid of the exhaustion sad I know I have low vitamin d for which i am permanently on high dose of Vitamin D. not sure about iron etc...

JamieVardysParty Thu 18-Aug-16 16:02:14

Definitely go to your GP and rule out any medical conditions for it. Veggies and tons of water do make a massive difference to my energy levels. It's a vicious cycle when you are exhausted because you just reach for takeaways or convenience food which make you feel worse.

If you can spare a couple of hours on Sunday and make a big chilli, curry, bolognaise etc, weigh out the portions and put it into Tupperware, at least you know that you have a healthy 3-500 calorie meal waiting for you in the fridge/freezer. Microwave a bag of veggies and that's a really healthy, quick meal.

Lunch for me is always portioned leftovers or a tuna salad - literally a tin of tuna, teaspoon of mayo and salad leaves. Takes 30 seconds. Breakfast is slightly trickier but google overnight oats as an option or savoury breakfast muffins which can be made and frozen in advance. I also cut up a punnet of strawberries on a Sunday night and keep them in the fridge to grab in the morning with a scoop of Greek yoghurt.

Can you split it with DH ie one Sunday you prep dinners for the week and he preps breakfast/lunch and then swap the next Sunday? He really needs to be on board for you both to be on board.

Houseconfusion Thu 18-Aug-16 18:14:39

Yeah we are both as on or off board. He also does the majority of housework after work but our long motorway commutes exhaust us. Good idea about Sunday cooking though!

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