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Want to lose weight quickly!

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Applebear1 Mon 15-Aug-16 17:26:17

For various reasons I've put on loads of weight in the last couple of years and my confidence is really low. I want to not just lose weight but really get fit and I'm wondering what method has worked for others people?

At the moment I'm thinking of doing 5:2, and generally keeping carbs low and watching my food intake on non fast days, as well as either loads of swimming OR thirty day shred.

Has anyone done the 30 day shred? I gather it's really hard work confused which I slightly dread as I'm so unfit but if the results are worth it I think I should give it my best shot.

Swimming I enjoy and would be easier for me but I've heard really mixed things about how effective it is for weight loss and generally looking buff! grin

Can anyone give me advice? Or are there other methods that gave worked better? I'm planning to go all in and make a huge difference over the next say three months, and then obviously keep it going! I feel it will give me back my energy and my sense of self after some tough times, just need some handholding and advice/ inspiration really!

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