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Quick Primal diet question

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ItsAllGoodMan Sat 13-Aug-16 17:05:45

I really need to lose at least a stone. I'm not overweight but getting close and as I'm quite short I really don't carry it well. I look terrible and all my clothes are getting too tight sad

I'm thinking of trying the Primal diet but I was wondering what the best place to start was? I basically need something with meal plans / recipes already set out for me to follow. Does the Primal Blueprint book include a meal plan?

My weakness is sugar & carbs so think I should see massive changes following a Primal diet, but I just need an easy place to start as I'm busy and have a toddler & am tired most of the time.

Thanks in advance

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Carriadd Wed 17-Aug-16 18:05:22

I dont do Primal but do Paleo and I eat really well. Lots of veg, salad and fruit, chicken and fish, oils and fats but no dairy at all.

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