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Do I need breakfast to lose weight?

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ShotsFired Fri 12-Aug-16 16:19:09

I have never got on with eating breakfast, just don't like the idea of eating till I've been up a while - basically until I get to work when I have a cup of tea.

I currently don't tend to have lunch either, but sometimes I'll have an apple or some nuts. And a decent homecooked meal in the evening.

But I am going to be ramping up fitness levels by working out more, before work (this is my preference or it won't happen), and then I'll get showered and head straight to the office.

As I understand things, I need to give my body something to work with in order that it starts to burn the fat rather than my muscles; and to keep the fat burning going for longer after I've finished exercising.

But what? It needs to be something I can (ideally) eat on my drive in or very quickly at work - I see it as more a chore than anything! For example I like the idea of those breakfast biscuits (but won't be buying them as full of sugar, processed etc.)

Any ideas?

Soon2bC Fri 12-Aug-16 16:24:26

My understanding is that it doesnt really matter if you have breakfast but it will 'wake up' your metabolism.
I avoid eating breakfast as I dont like to eat too early and when i forced myself to have it on a diet I gained weight?
I start eating at the normal time for me now and that is around early lunch time, i am losing weight so dont think its that wrong. If you are working out in the morning, maybe eat when youre hungry be it breakfast or early lunch but I personally wouldnt force breakfast down me anymore.

ShotsFired Sat 13-Aug-16 11:32:33

Thanks Soon

So the question is - do I need to wake up my metabolism then?

if I eat when I feel hungry it might be at lunch or it might not be till I'm home from work. The latter would mean over 12hours of no food (which is fine, I just don't know if I am doing myself any favours in regards to losing weight/waking up the metabolism/however they are linked!)

And I still don't know what I could be eating either.

Would have been a lot easier to have made better choices in the past, right? blush

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