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Under 500 calorie dinners

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Soon2bC Fri 12-Aug-16 10:57:37

I am running out of new ideas so hope you can give me some inspiration. I have a seafood / fish allergy and cant have bananas or avocado but will eat pretty much anything else.

What are your favorite 500 cal or less dinners/recipes?

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Balletgirlmum Fri 12-Aug-16 11:05:33

I'm a very plain water but favourites of dd & dh are

Grilled or poached chicken served with rice or cous cous (with a knorr chicken stock cube added) & boiled or steamed veg

Lean pork chop with jacket potato or boiled new potatoes in skins, veg & grilled apple slices

m & S counted for you ready meals (lasagne/chicken jalfrezi etc) with extra veg

Home made stir fry (beef/chicken dry fried in own juices) with soy sauce & rice

Home made chicken & pasta with the chicken pre cooked (poached) made with passata, onion, garlic, passata tomatoes/mushrooms etc.

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