Which health monitor for Mum..?

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fra53r Wed 10-Aug-16 10:02:41

I've been on the Michael Mosely '8 week blood sugar diet' and it is amazing! I do need an incentive to get off my butt sometimes though (no longer have small children). I thought a fitbit would be the answer, to get me doing my 10,000 steps etc. Then I started to wonder if that's the best make or which model would be best for me. Had a look at some online reviews, thought I'd get a better insight from the parents on mumsnet instead.
I have a latex allergy so that's a biggie, I also want to be able to swim with it.
I know u can get clip on models, I like the look of slim line wrist bands...... Tell me what u think, any suggestions or advice?
Thank you!

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