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How do I stop hating my 'holiday body'?

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MsMommy Mon 08-Aug-16 15:28:33

We go on holiday on Friday. I'm the fattest I've ever been. I'm borderline thyroid and my two attempts at dieting this year have achieved nothing. Right now I'm not in the right headspace to really commit.
I want to enjoy the pool and the seaside and the sunshine and have fun with my kids but my body disgusts me. I will really struggle to get into a costume and be outside in it.
At the weekend I was watching much bigger women than me at the beach in their bikinis, or women similar to my shape playing in the sea with their kids. How do I get to be them?
I don't really care what other people think about how I look. I know no one will be paying any attention. The problem is how I feel about myself. How do I get over it so I can enjoy the break and spend time with the kids the way I'd like to? Thinking about it makes me cry.

Msqueen33 Mon 08-Aug-16 15:31:10

Same boat. I'm not sure if the honest answer. Fake it until you make it?

MsMommy Mon 08-Aug-16 15:34:55

Yeah, maybe. Can give it a go I suppose. Maybe when I'm away it won't seem so bad. We have a private villa and everyone here sees me naked, so...

Stevefromstevenage Mon 08-Aug-16 15:40:47

Just stop hating your body full stop.

I am literally the fattest I have ever been. I weighed in at 12 stone 5 today but I don't hate my body and I cannot say it has always been this way. I train a lot 4/5 times per week for the last 2 years. This has taught me that my body can do amazing things. I am now in a place that I can appreciate that it has made 3 children and fed them all for various stints. I even marvel at periods every month my body works that cycle.

The human body is not there to seek admiration from others, despite you and all of us being conditioned our entire lives to think it is, it is there to work for you, to do everything you need it to every single day and not give in until the day you die. Marvel at yourself, I am not kidding what you can do is incredible and if you want you can push the boundaries further and further all the time and actually surprisingly quickly.

twobambinos Mon 08-Aug-16 15:43:41

Was on holidays recwntly felt the same my largest ever and though I am not huge I felt it.
Got a spray tan done and shellac. Some floaty dresses and enjoy the holiday. Its usually only for a week or two and try not to let the body ruin it for you. Get a loose cover up to for times of desperation
Have a wonderful time

issynoho Mon 08-Aug-16 15:46:56

I find it helps to remember that a. everyone else is so busy worrying about their own wobbly bits that they're not looking at you, and b. Fuck it - you'll never see anyone from holiday again!

TamaraHiddlestoned Mon 08-Aug-16 15:48:07

I know how you feel, OP. I am much heavier than you (c4 stone).

However, there is nothing significant that you can physically do now, before this holiday starts, so go with what you can do physiologically.
By this I mean saying "screw this, I'm going to have a good time despite my body!"
And then just get on with enjoying yourself & having the fun & relaxing holiday that you deserve!

(I know it's easy to say, but it is totally do-able. I know this because I've just come back from 2 weeks of having done it, and I had a fab time!)

TamaraHiddlestoned Mon 08-Aug-16 15:48:57

Psychologically not physiologically.

GobblersKnob Mon 08-Aug-16 15:50:21

I know what you mean op, I couldn't give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks of my body, but I hate it, so it's not about others judging me or looking at me, it's about me judging me and finding myself a failure.

whatstheplanphil Mon 08-Aug-16 15:53:02

Me too - fattest ever, went to beach on Sunday and kids asked me to go in the sea - I was self conscious but im fed up of saying 'no' to them because I eat too much so I just wore a t shirt over my swim suit and just went for it. the worst bit was the walk down to the sea (the walk of shame) but I wore my towel for as long as possible round my legs ! Once you are in the sea you will have so much fun and your kids will love it, I didn't notice anyone looking at me, everyone is too busy enjoying themselves, I know it's hard but just try and enjoy yourself, you deserve to enjoy your holiday just like everyone else does smile

PurpleDaisies Mon 08-Aug-16 15:53:04

Be too busy going fun stuff to think about it!

I mainly cover up because I burn so easily and I've realised I'm just more comfortable without everything on display. If you're happier in long floaty dresses than skimpy clothes, do what you want and don't feel you have to prove anything to anyone.

I think it's great advice to remember everyone is thinking about themselves and not paying attention. If you're having a great time with your kids all they'll be thinking is "that looks like a happy family".

MsMommy Mon 08-Aug-16 19:04:12

Thanks Gobblers, I know no one else will be looking at me and I am old enough not to give a toss about what everyone else thinks it is totally all in my head and my own hatred of the way I look and feeling gross, and yes a failure. I will find it as difficult getting in the pool with just my OH and kids as I will getting my flabby arms and droopy gut out on the beach. It's totally a battle I need to win in my head, I just wondered if anyone had any tips for doing this. Suck it up is probably the only thing I can do. Put the kids first and try to ignore the voice in my head. And pray no one takes a picture of me.
BTW Hiddlestoned, I never said how big I was, so very unlikely you are 4st more than me, but thanks for the tips and glad you had a lovely time. smile

busyboysmum Mon 08-Aug-16 20:15:21

I actually find it way harder to be in a swimming costume around people I know. I honestly don't care when I'm away on holiday with strangers I'll never see again. Forget it and enjoy your holiday smile

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