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Will I stop feeling hungry?

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SocksRock Thu 04-Aug-16 21:09:32

I need to lose weight, at a horrible 16st1lb I am properly wobbly, even at 5'9" tall. So I've got a step counter, doing 10,000 a day and I've cut my portion sizes and snacks.

I am hungry all the fricking time. Even when I've just eaten. I've been doing this a week, have lost no weight and I'm bloody starving.

It must get easier surely?!? I'm not counting calories, but sticking to 3 meals with no snacks except a piece of fruit occasionally, and I've cut the portion sizes to what the recommended portions are.

So will my body eventually recognise that I have, in fact, consumed enough calories to keep it functioning and stop crying piteously for me via a growling stomach?!?

PassTheSatsumas Thu 04-Aug-16 23:13:14

Sorry to hear you are hungry - it often passes, and sometimes related to your time of month/ovulation

Could you try either low GI carbs or more protein to see if that helps?

As a vegetarian I cannot really do low car but protein at every meal and low GI is keeping my blood sugar stable so I don't get as hungry as when eat more carby things

I think it's a balance - eating less takes some getting used to, you might be hungry a bit (first few days, the hour before your meals) but too hungry is a disaster - for me, it's s recipe for grumpiness or overeating

In my case - over last 7 weeks of diet, week 1 took a bit of getting used to, then has been easy for most part apart from 2-3 days of being hungry this week and same a few weeks ago (so suspect hormone)... When I ate more but healthier choices

Would an afternoon snack help - almonds or Greek yogurt with the fruit for example? Or reduce your portions more gradually?

Being hungry is horrid and makes you wonder if it's worth it: hope you find some manageable ideas

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