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Holiday clothes

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BigPantyGirl Tue 02-Aug-16 21:12:58

Hi all, I've not posted in here before, normally just read or comment in AIBU but not sure I'll get help there! My DP has just booked a beach holiday for about 4 weeks time. I'm not so worried about pool wear as I accept my current size and can find tankinis on bravissimo or figleaves to fit. I don't expect to look particularly great around the pool, so this is ok.
What bothers me is the evenings. It's a nice resort and I'd like to put together a few outfits to wear out to the restaurants without looking terrible. I'm a size 14-16, with massive boobs (36GG) and I just don't know how to dress to flatter my figure. I'm not toned either which doesn't help as I have bra bulges and tummy rolls.... It's not good!
Can anyone help me with suggestions of good places to buy flattering clothes? Or links to outfits? I really am hopeless with this sort of thing. I have friends who are plus size who always look amazing, but I just look crap.

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