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Help with dieting! Slimming world tomorrow?

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NickyEds Mon 01-Aug-16 11:37:54

So my slightly curvy (size12-14) body 4 years ago has ballooned somewhat and I need to lose weight. I have never been on a diet, never weighed myself (although I was weighed when I had the kids), never restricted what I eat or drink. I think I'm going to find dieting very hard.

My friend has done lots of diets and is re starting slimming world after a break and has suggested I go along. I agreed but I've realised I know nothing about it!! Can anyone give me a really basic low down on what it's all about? Is it easy to stick to? My friend says you can eat loads on it, is that true? In an ideal world I'd still like to drink wine, is that 'allowed'?
On a practical level what happens at your first meeting?

I've been trying the 'just eat a bit less and move a bit more' way and it's not working so I am keen to do something but don't want it to take over my life! Any advice would be much appreciated!

NickyEds Mon 01-Aug-16 19:32:35


Greenandmighty Thu 04-Aug-16 22:07:39

Me too NickyEds! Feeling frumpy, grumpy....and any other members of the seven dwarves grin! I can't even bear to weigh myself but I just know from my clothes being tight that I reckon I need to lose a stone. I've just been plunged into menopause after a full hysterectomy so that's piled weight on around my middle which I've never previously had. I tried Weight Watchers with a friend last year but I hated the exposure of being weighed and gave up. Thinking of trying Slimming world online to kick start the weight loss. I walk regularly, do zumba and body conditioning classes but unfortunately also comfort eat when stressed! If anyone has tales on how successful they've found Slimming World to be, I'd love to hear to motivate me!
Am abroad on holiday at moment and every photo I see of myself makes me more determined to lose weight!
Let's share our progress! smile

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Thu 04-Aug-16 22:13:02

I do slimming world, been doing it a year and lost five stone.
The basic foundations are eating unprocessed foods and having a third of your plate as fruit or veg and limiting snacks. You can have unlimited amounts of most fruit and veg, lean meat, fish, pulses and beans and pasta/rice/noodles. You have a measured amount of dairy type foods and fibrous foods like cereal/bread. That said its obviously more refined by that but gives you an idea. I feel really healthy and not hungry when I do it.

Greenandmighty Sat 06-Aug-16 21:02:39

Thanks, FlopIsMyParentingGuru, that's great to hear. I think I'll sign up! 5 stone - well done you!!! flowerssmile

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