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Low carb or paleo?

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Bellyrub1980 Sun 31-Jul-16 21:38:34

Both of these diets appeal to me. But does anyone have experience of these and can you tell me...

Which is the most effective?
Which is the most sustainable?
Which made you 'feel' healthiest?
Which was the most or least hassle prep and cooking wise?

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yumyumpoppycat Sun 31-Jul-16 23:07:35

I lose weight easily with paleo or low carb but find them hard to maintain. Both have aspects that make them easier/harder.

paleo - fruits are not limited; no carb counting; all veg are allowed; some sugars like dates and maple syrup; nuts are unlimited; this felt healthier to me, lots of people said I looked well on it

Low carb; soya and peanuts are allowed (maybe this depends what version you follow); dairy in form of cheese and cream is allowed; less focus on grass fed meat etc; weightloss might be more likely; possibly easier for eating out than paleo

Another option altogether is that you could try low carb mediterranean diet, apparently that diet has a lot of science to demonstrate it is a healthy way to eat and also one that can result inmaintained weightloss some info here adopting the woe described on here might not be enough to lose a large mount of weight you might have to either count carbs or calories too but could start out by just adopting the foods on the list and see how it goes. I have been doing the very low cal option which has worked very well but I need to adopt the diet in terms of food more carefully I think as weight goes back on when I dont count calories.

Bellyrub1980 Mon 01-Aug-16 08:09:40

That's great thank you!

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