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Advice on weight loss options

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ZenMom Thu 28-Jul-16 00:10:19

I am 37 and approx 20 stone (5tt 8)

A self confessed yo yo dieter - I can hit the gym and eat healthily and get down to 16 stone - to go on holiday. Then it all goes back on.

Then two years later I'm back to square one instead of battling another 4 stone like I should.

Times moving on, I'm unhappy with myself and want something I can do easily (I don't mean that will be easy, more convenient)

I am self employed so work lots of hours behind a PC, i skip breakfast every day and lunch usually then have a huge dinner and then most times a supper of toast or cereal.

I know all the areas I'm going wrong in the above and I know how to do it right but this time I'm struggling to get started. And I want something that I can stick to over a longer time - I think I do 6 months intense then can't face it any more.

Something with support too would be good and not overly expensive.

I've never let my gym membership lapse - penance I think so will get back to that approx 3 times a week - just now I'm in the catch 22 when my body is too fat and unhealthy and mind unmotivated to actually get there. I find I have more energy after a week or so of healthy eating.

I'm sure the above sounds more than familiar to some and would really appreciate some constructive diet plan suggestion (there are so many) and tips.

Before Had the time to make healthy meals and calorie check everything in mfp (which I loved using and was honest with it and will use again) but this time I really need something more time efficient so that I don't end up working 12 hours and forgetting to eat so stuff my face with whatever will fill me.

I'm a freelance graphic designer with unpredictable hours (long).

Any help appreciated smile

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PassTheSatsumas Sat 30-Jul-16 23:42:18

I've had a lot of weight rebound issues too ... Do you think getting too hungry during the day is part of the problem?

Could you have regular healthy meals/snacks (nothing fancy - I'm talking greek yogurt and fruit, boiled eggs - whatever healthy thing you like) during the day to eat less at night?
I say this as having decided to eat a regular snack at 4pm in addition to my meals (in my case it's a banana & greek yogurt or nuts) means I have more control in the evening
Good luck - for support, mfp is working for me

Lesley1980 Mon 01-Aug-16 15:22:01

I was nearly 17 stone & fed up with multiple failed diets & going back to my start weight + more. I had coffee for breakfast & lunch, big dinner & binge ate junk at night. I was too big & embarrassed to go to a gym
So I found a personal trainer & I see her for 2 hours per week. She really pushes me more than I'd ever push myself. When I'm not with her I walk more & I bought a Fitbit & made my daily goal 12,000 steps.

I use MFP to record my food & stuck to my 1500 calories but initially didn't change my diet so I was still wasting 440 calories on coffee & other junk & starving for the rest of the day & miserable. Eventually my mind just clicked & I started to get a grip of my diet & naturally ate to fuel myself. For breakfast I have toast, eggs & turkey bacon which fills me up & is only slightly more calories than a medium latte. For lunch I tend to have soup or a sandwich & dinner I eat the same as hubby & kids but bulk it out with veg or have a small portion if it's high calorie meal.

A lot of my eating was habit or boredom & I had to break the cycle. It was hard initially but now I don't even have the desire to binge eat or have a pudding if I'm already full. I became very aware of my bad habits & changed them.

In two months I have lost 2 stone. I've still got at least 2 to go but as this is a long term thing I've not really set a goal although I'm hoping it's off by Xmas. I'm also not really restrictive so although I stick to my calories 6 days a week my hubby & I go out for dinner once a week & I just pick something sensible. If I do go over calories I just dart fresh the next day & don't beat myself up about it.

Lesley1980 Mon 01-Aug-16 15:24:10

Also I paid for my personal trainer in advance & would have given up after the 3rd/4th session but had to keep going which I think is the main reason I've been successful this time.

flumpybear Mon 01-Aug-16 15:33:37

I've downloaded my fitness pal and in also cycling to work. I record my food and mist of my alcohol and it's working for me!!

The cycling thing to work is probably what's best for me as I have no choice but to cycle home lol!! So that's 45 min runs trip and trying to do that at least 3 times a week

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Tue 02-Aug-16 07:38:35

You say you skip breakfast and lunch but do you graze during the day? I work from home one day a week, and on that day I find myself picking at Food all day long. When I'm in the office I just eat my packed lunch at lunch time, no picking at anything else. I don't even realise I'm doing it half the time at home. I now deliberately distract myself if I'm tempted to snack. If I worked from home full time I would find it very difficult.

I've lost 2.5 stone this year and low carb WoE has worked for me. I found that after the first few days I wasn't really hungry.

Whatever method you try has to work for you and your lifestyle. And in my opinion it has to be a WoE, not a diet otherwise it's doomed to failure.

Good luck

ZenMom Tue 02-Aug-16 20:48:45

Hi all

Thanks for everyone's thoughts.

I don't snack at all, often the first food I eat is about 7pm but have about 4 cups of coffee during the day. Then I have a huge dinner and sometimes a supper. Each coffee has three sugars though self admittedly. When I'm healthy eating I change that to one and a half spoons of half spoon sugar.

My downfall is takeaways (fish n chips, pizza, McDonald's etc) when I don't have time to cook or haven't done the weekly shop.

I was thinking of these diet chef type things or juice which makes me have a set thing for breakfast or lunch then my usual dinner but there are so many things out there that I don't know where to start and was hoping for some ideas.

I can do a low carb calorie controlled diet like I usually do but I need to get at least a week on it before my body is ready for the gym!!!

Thanks all

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Bottomchops Tue 02-Aug-16 21:05:25

I think you've got it all there: mfp and gym membership. I'd get up and go to the gym or a class 3 times a week and see a personal trainer whilst you're there. Set some exercise goals and do your 10000 steps. You need 3 meals a day. Add them all to mfp when you wake up. You cant live on that take away rubbish: buy some nice food in! Have everything with salad or veg to start with. Join some weight loss threads on here. Good luck, I'm trying to take my own advice!

AmberGreyson Tue 09-Aug-16 08:59:20

My good friend takes human growth hormone. I've heard many conflicting opinions on it. One side says our body naturally produces it, it helps with so may different ways that it's basically a wonder drug (lose fat, gain lean muscle, improves skin, anti-aging, improves mood, stamina, sexual libido). Then i've read that the side effects enlarge your jaw and forehead so you end up looking like commander worf from star trek. Anyway, if you decided to take it it's better to consult with your doctor first.

Bobochic Tue 09-Aug-16 09:02:23

I would consult a dietician or nutritionist rather than hit the gym. Your diet is a disaster in every possible way.

ZenMom Tue 09-Aug-16 16:12:33

I'm aware of this bobochick pretty sure it clear that's why I'm looking for advice... But thanks for your input.

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