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Post Birth Afternoon Binges - Please help!

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APocketfulOfStars Wed 27-Jul-16 19:26:29


DS is 15weeks old, he's exclusively breast-fed. I'm not 'consciously' trying to lose the baby weight. I know it will take time. However, I wouldn't mind losing a bit of the tummy. I am eating pretty healthily -most of the time- breakfast and lunches are usually very healthy, and dinner will be a bit different as DH is around. However, I get to 4/5pm, and DS won't nap/I hit my afternoon slump, and I eat anything and everything...medjool dates, chocolate milk, chocolate covered rice cakes, whole packets of sliced cheese, peanut butter by the spoon...the only things I don't eat are the slices of fresh cut watermelon/bowls of cherries etc....then I feel disgusting and end up eating more, a sort of 'well, I've blown it now, doesn't matter if I eat more'.

DH has no idea and I hide the packets...

How can I get myself through this slump without stuffing my face?? Please help!

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