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Anyone done the body coach?

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yawningbear Mon 25-Jul-16 08:05:37

Am seriously contemplating signing up to the 90 day plan. Have read some threads on here and looked at the website. Two things that I am not sure about, in stage 2 there is lots of talk of weights, it sounds as if you need access to a gym and will be lifting heavy weights at least 4 x a week? Also mention of NO coffee.

Would be super tricky to get to the gym 4 x a week, work full time, 2 kids, partner often works away in the week. And no coffee, unimaginable! Anyone got to stage 2 of the plan, is it possible to do the HIITs at home as with stage one? And is the coffee thing because everything is clean, is there a milk allowance?


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Desmondo2016 Mon 25-Jul-16 08:18:28

I did it and I would massively warn against it. I know 5 real life people who did it and none of us stuck it out. It's a big hug marketing con that leads you to believe it is different to other fad diets. It's not. It's an unsustainable way of life which for 99 percent of people is impossible to stick to. It's expensive to do it properly so basically people live on scambled eggs and spinach. I spent around 80 per week on top of the family shopping bill. It's time consuming. Sunday's were dedicated solely to shopping and prep. And then often by Weds id need to spend another three hours in the kitchen just on myself. He markets his 'lean in 15'book so people are often misled into thinking those are the yummy meals they'll be eating on the plan. They're not. He massively pushes the 'personalised' aspect of the plan. Personalised my arse. Everyone's plan is the same, there's a few different varieties of portion sizes so depending on your weight and size when you start depends on which of about 10 versions of the plan you get. It doesn't matter what health issues or allergies you tell them about in your initial questionnaire. You get the same plan.(several people with egg allergies complained that they had the same egg heavy plan!)

The personal coaches promise is a joke. Your emails are all automated and cheesy. People who submitted end of cycle one results where they'd gained fat and looked bigger still got the ' hey look at you, you've done so well' email.

I didn't do it to lose weight, I did it because I fell for the promise of a perfect six pack lol. I already had a varied exercise schedule and a healthy ish diet. I have advised so many friends since to step away. Yes, if you are big you will lose weight in cycle one. But you will lose weight in 4 weeks by eating healthily, cutting out sugar and taking up exercise. His hiit work outs are poor and repetitive. I would highly highly suggest you research 'fitness blender'online, on Facebook and on you tube. Much better work outs, same principles and just follow them alongside a low sugar relatively healthy diet.

I cannot stress enough. It's a nightmare! He's a good looking cheeky chappy who has very cleverly made a billion pounds lol!

yawningbear Mon 25-Jul-16 08:59:38

Thanks very much Desmondo, you may just have saved me £149!

I absolutely wouldn't have time for hours of Prep just for food for me each week. Will research fitness blender. Am on holiday this week so have time to google. I do need some kind of structure thoug and folk had said the body coach was really good and the before and after photos suck you in. I also really liked the idea of be able to do the HIITs at home with little other equipment. But completely take on baord all you are saying as well.

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EleanorAbernathy Thu 28-Jul-16 07:58:21

I've done the 90 day plan. I'm glad I did it but wouldn't want to do it again!

I didn't lose any weight but did lose a few inches. I agree with most of what Desmondo said - it IS very restrictive and takes up a lot of time, and it's very difficult to fit around having a normal life!

I still use some of the recipes and the general principles aren't bad.

I did all the exercise at home without a gym membership - you just need a set of weights/dumbbells. You don't have to do his specific HIITS either - I did mainly running and boxing plus the weights. I'm actually doing the weights from month 2 again at the moment as it seemed to work well for me.

You CAN have coffee - my plan said limit to 2 a day. The workouts in cycles 2 and 3 took me 45mins - 1 hour.

Have a look at Train Eat Gain - they have free programmes along similar lines. smile

yawningbear Fri 29-Jul-16 08:25:15

Thanks Eleanor that is really helpful. I have had a look at the free plan and it sounds good, am tempted to sign up properly. I need some structure and accountability. I want something that I can do at home as realistically I am not going to be at the gym even every other day, and I like weights. There is also no way I have time for hours of additional food prep every week. Not sure if this is the case with this plan, will keep reading the pack they have sent through.

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SuperShirley Fri 29-Jul-16 16:03:18

hi YawningBear - I've just signed up with the Freedom Diet Coach, after researching the Body Coach and deciding it wasn't for me. I'm really impressed with it so far. There's a thread about it on here, or feel free to ask me any questions (not that I'm an expert or anything, I'm only on my first week!).

yawningbear Fri 29-Jul-16 16:47:26

Thanks very much Shirley, I have started doing more research, on holiday this week and so more time and now am in a muddle as there are so many different plans. I think I did look at the thread around the freedom diet early in the week and thought it sounded good. Will look at the thread again. How are you finding it? Is there lots of Food prep involved, what kinds of things are you eating and does it include exercise like the body coach? Really need something that I can do at home but that isn't too high impact as I had an operation on my knee a while back. Thanks again, will go find the thread now.

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Mar15mite Fri 29-Jul-16 17:27:48

In another vote for don't waste your money, I did and agree wholeheartedly with PP time consuming, expensive, repetitive and no good if you like to sit down to a family meal. Never eaten so many eggs in my life, loads of expensive supplements and protein shakes. Finally, I've never eaten this volume of food, it really can be good to force feed yourself to the point you might be sick ooft!

LittleBee23 Tue 16-Aug-16 14:38:41

I've been doing some of the recipes from the books and 5 x 15 min HIIT workouts a week - staying low carb on rest days and having Friday night and Saturday 'off' food wise and I've already noticed a difference in two weeks so I would give that a go first before Shelling out on the plan.

ShazzyBey Tue 11-Oct-16 20:06:13

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