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Does anyone following SW have a menu planner type thing i could blatantly copy from? Please?

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Mandymoo Wed 24-Jan-07 20:26:39

Have started SW again but am at a loss for meal ideas (mostly green days here) - i would be eternally grateful if anyone could let me have a peak at their weekly planner!

Mandymoo Wed 24-Jan-07 21:52:15

pretty please?

Mandymoo Thu 25-Jan-07 13:28:12

aww c'mon!!

ledodgy Thu 25-Jan-07 13:33:54

I can tell you what i've had today and tommorrow after that i'm not sure.
I also do green and these menus are all free.


28 grams of bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk


2 fried eggs fried using fry light on two pieces of WW brown bread


SW roast only I realised i've had my 2 healthy extra b's today already so i'm going to have quorn sausages instead of chicken. I have roast potatoes done in fry light, Steamed carrots, broccoli, turnip and mushy peas instead of gravy.

Tommorrow I will have:

Bran flakes again

Lunch: probably something like beans on ww toast

Tea: Veg chow mein
Red onions, peppers, mushrooms and carrot put in a frying pan with equal amounts of soy sauce and worcestershire sauce cover and leave for about 10 mins. Meanwhile I boil plain egg noodles for around five mins in a pan then mix all together it tastes lovely and is free!

I'll try and think up some more for you throughout the day.

shosha Thu 25-Jan-07 13:34:37

Message withdrawn

MerlinsBeard Thu 25-Jan-07 13:41:00

i have the slimming world one and a slim fast sample one that i can send if you like?

Mandymoo Thu 25-Jan-07 13:59:51

thanks MOM that would be great -

Shosha - i saw the online one but i need some more ideas! Thanks for the pointer though

Ledogy - thanks for that - will come in useful - how do you find SW? what sort of weight loss are you getting?

MerlinsBeard Thu 25-Jan-07 14:09:00

sending now mandymoo

laundrylover Thu 25-Jan-07 14:16:59

I bought the green cookbook at the SW meeting last night and it has some good ideas - easier than downloading recipes I think.

My plans for the week are Quorn shepherds pie, stuffed peppers and sweet potato wedges and erm.....some other meals!

They just added my fave Jordans strawberry cereal to the healthy extras so I'm very happy!

Lost half a stone in two weeks...only 3 and a half to go.

Mandymoo Thu 25-Jan-07 14:49:43

MOM - thats fantastic - thanks very much! X

ledodgy Thu 25-Jan-07 14:53:53

Mandymoo i'm loving SW have lost nearly 3 stone.

Mandymoo Thu 25-Jan-07 14:54:43

over what period of time? I need to lose about stone and half but cant get my head around how SW works.

Mandymoo Thu 25-Jan-07 14:56:14

MOM - sorry to be a PITA but do you know where i could get the recipes from for the meals? Are they on the SW site? TIA X

ledodgy Thu 25-Jan-07 15:35:30

around 4 months and a bit, but d a month off over christ nd put on pounds which i lost the week after and this week av stayed the same because I had two much alcohol lol.

laundrylover Thu 25-Jan-07 15:59:36

Wow ledodgy,that's brilliant.
I go to the meeting with two friends who are SW successes but who relapsed over christmas! Are you a target member or did you have to start over?

Fireflyfairy2 Thu 25-Jan-07 16:00:03

Ledodgy, do u mind if I take lots of advice from you & ask you lots of questions... I really need to lose another 2 stone by July.. (well I need to lose some by March as I have a ball to go to, but July is the biggest goal... holiday!!)

ledodgy Thu 25-Jan-07 18:53:32

laundrylover no not a target member I started off at 16 stones 4 1/2 and am now 13 stones 5 I want to get down to around 10-191/2 stone so hopefully will be traget by the start of summer.

Fairyfly ask away I don't mind at all.

Just realised my last post was badly typed 13 month old ds was grabbing the mouse!

ledodgy Thu 25-Jan-07 18:54:01

*10-10 1/2 not 19 lol.

Fireflyfairy2 Fri 26-Jan-07 10:39:02

Hiya & thanks

What I want to really how you stop yourself picking all day? Especially when the kids are eating. I make them oven chips & have to pinch some, then if they leave a tasty looking bit of fishfinger it is hard not to pop it in my mouth

I really need some help to do this... I find it ok'ish when I'm @ Uni as I'm not at home every day so thankfully back to the routine on Monday... but it's hard when I'm at home every day!

ledodgy Fri 26-Jan-07 10:45:48

I think when you've been on the plan a while you just don't get the urge to snack as much during the day because your meals become so satisfying. You find that you reduce your amount of food at your meals too without realising. If I do want something between meals i'll have a piece of fruit. I know that sounds really virtuous but it does become easier. I'm at home all day too well I usually do the pre school run and then go on a walk but ds has the pox atm and dd isn't well either so am housebound. I have noticed i'm drinking more tea and coffee than usual. I like to save my syns up so I can have a chinese usually only veg chop suey and rice which is only 5 syns but like my glass of wine or vodka and diet coke so alot of my syns go on this. I don't look at syns daily instead I think of it like I have 105 syns a week (usually only have around 70 a week). I find this less restricting. HTH.

Fireflyfairy2 Fri 26-Jan-07 11:38:15

I've never thought about it as 105 a week before. This does sound less restricting!! I love a take awy @ weekends too, but have been having veg chow mein as I thought it was better, I think there are about 7 syns in this??

I always have the fruit bowl filled with fruit & always have cold water to sip in the fridge, so don't really have an excuse. It's just hard when people are eating round me & I can't have any of what they're having. Eg: Tonight the kids will have a pizza my sister made yesterday & some oven chips. I will have some SW chips, mushy peas & a fried egg.
I would love some meat with this, but seeing as I had a HEb of oat so simple I only have one more B choice left which I have to choose between 3 slices of WW bread @ lunch or meat with my dinner.. I really miss bread as I like to have breakfast & meat at dinner... I know I should use some syns for the bread or meat.....

ledodgy Fri 26-Jan-07 11:48:07

Us 2.5 syns for your bread (2 slices) and use the meat as a healthy extra B.

ledodgy Fri 26-Jan-07 12:09:42

Also another filling easy lunch idea on green is boiled rice with a tin of heinz meanz beans sweet chilli on top with your HE cheese grated over it. It will fill you up till dinner and means you'll still have a B left over for dinner.

MerlinsBeard Fri 26-Jan-07 12:22:36

tbh i don't know where the recipes are for the SW one...i got th eplanner form someone on here. there are some good recipes on the slim fast website you may have to join it to view them though - its free

Mumbojumbo Fri 26-Jan-07 12:30:36

Hi Mandymoo

I've got some menu plans that I did when I started. If you email me m u m b o j u m b o @ n t l w o r l d . c o m (without the spaces!), I'll send them to you.


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