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Right enough is enough please help.

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MarthaElf Sun 10-Jul-16 20:00:28

So used to be fit and healthy, a size 8 and sporty.

14 years, a teen, a divorce, many operations and early menapause and it has all gone pear shaped. Massive amount of stress resulted in comfort eating. At my worst I was eating a terrible amount.

Slowly creeped up 10 -12 - 14. Hit 16 and was pretty depressed about it. Have been wearing joggers or elasticated trousers. Bought three pairs of 16s this week from different shops and they don't fit. So i am at least an 18.

I have athritis and this is being made worse. I need to stop.

I go away in a month and would like to be a 14 by then. Is that possible?

I don't want to skip meals. It won't work for me. I need three meals, smaller portions, healthier food, cut out the junk and low impact exercise.fairly low income so no expensive stuff.

Can anyone help?

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MarthaElf Sun 10-Jul-16 20:02:33

P.s i cannot do classes. I cannot afford and have no childcare for dd who has some sn.

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