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I want to lose a stone, by eating less and moving more, anyone care to join?

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MrsChrisPratt Tue 28-Jun-16 20:21:15

I'm 11 stone! The heaviest I've ever been and would like to be 9.5, but a more realistic goal is 10.

I've put on due to multiple rounds of IVF and being banned from exercise.

I'd like to control my portion sizes, have a few less treats (avoid stress rating) and move a bit more (maybe low impact exercise rather than previous hill running which I'm banned from).

I'll also be using my fitbit to track activity vs calories.

Anyone care to join for motivation and support?

gamerchick Tue 28-Jun-16 20:27:11

Definitely, I could do with losing a stone.

LegoCaltrops Tue 28-Jun-16 20:28:13

Me! I'm about 10 stone, realistically I need to be 8.7 to 9 stone (I'm 5'2"). I've tried low carbing (felt awful), tried 5:2 (it really triggered my IBS), the SIRT diet (too difficult to follow in RL), now I'm back to MFP which I find easier than counting the calories the old fashioned way.

That said, I will try to include some SIRT foods every day, on the basis that it can't hurt. I'm also going to start listening to my Paul Mckenna track again. I don't have a fitbit though, I'll just lig my activity on MFP.

MrsChrisPratt Tue 28-Jun-16 20:39:52

What's SIRT lego? I've never heard of it.

I am crap at any sort of 'diet' blush

Mumoftwoyoungkids Tue 28-Jun-16 20:41:11

Count me in.

I've been "dieting" (ie not really!) since January and got from 11 stone 2 to 11 stone. hmm

And then I've been doing it properly for a week and have gone down to 10 stone 12.

Because of my "dieting" I know basically how much I need to eat and exercise to keep my weight constant and then I'm aiming to eat less / move more by at least 500 calories a day. (I'm into maths!)

So far today:-

120 carried over from impressive yesterday.
120 3 mile cycle to school and back for meeting before work.
28 walking up and down stairs at work.
200 not eating chocolate pudding
70 not having hot choc at work

Total = 538.

I have a stepper so will go on that in a bit whilst I watch Eastenders to try and carry over a few more.

Going out for dinner tomorrow night. Will have a nice meal but only small glass of wine and no pudding I think.

pourmeanotherglass Tue 28-Jun-16 20:44:57

I could do with losing some - I don't own scales, but want my belly a bit flatter and my size 14 clothes a bit looser.
I kind of half heartedly do 5:2 eating pattern - I lost weight well initially, and went from size 16 feeling a bit tight to size 14 feeling a bit loose, but I' m struggling to keep it off.
With all the news a the moment, I'm thinking it would be good to take up running again to take my mind off things. I've looked at the calories burned with a short run, and it's really not much at all - but it works for me because if I go for a run before dinner, then I'm too thirsty to fancy wine with dinner, and if I'm running later in the evening I avoid alcohol as it will send me to sleep. So as well as the running calories (200-300) I also save the wine calories. I'm too pissed to go for a run tonight, maybe I'll start tomorrow?

MrsChrisPratt Tue 28-Jun-16 20:59:27

I'm too pissed to go for a run tonight, maybe I'll start tomorrow?

This made me laugh. Very Bridget Jones grin

Softpebbles Tue 28-Jun-16 22:24:33

Ah I might join you ladies. The thread I was on has died.
At my heaviest ever. 11st 9 this morning. Using MFP and Fitbit. Have a holiday as a reason however my will power has gone.

I am so down about my weight gain so could do with being spurred on. Today 11,000 steps then Fitbit died. 2 hours of ironing has to of done something!

Loulou0 Wed 29-Jun-16 15:47:20

Can I join in too please? I'm 5'7 and 10st 11.

Would love to get back to pre pregnancy weight of 9st 10 so I've just over a stone to lose.

I'm doing MFP and walking/ light runs using Fitbit as I'm 8 weeks post c section so can't do much else for a few more weeks 😩


8FencingWire Wed 29-Jun-16 15:52:56

Hello, may I join please? I've got some time off so it would be perfect to start now. I'm 11st, I should be 10.
I pland to do the mFP and 30 mins of exercise every day.
And go for walks smile

Loulou0 Wed 29-Jun-16 15:56:00

Would anyone like to add on MFP . I'm not telling people in rl that I'm dieting..

Username is sophie171717

honeybunny14 Wed 29-Jun-16 15:59:00

Would love to join I'm 11St would love to be 10 wink

MrsChrisPratt Wed 29-Jun-16 16:00:24

Welcome all. Am having a bit of a crap day today. I'm in the middle of an IVF cycle and it seems like it's going to go a bit tits up (A-FUCKING-GAIN), and I'm leaving my job tomorrow (been made redundant) but now can't go in on the last day as need to attend hospital. I also am not allowed to exercise properly so just feel like everything is bloody against me hmm

I'm not usually this 'woe is me' but FFS.

Appreciate kicks up the arse if on offer.

DeffoJeffo Wed 29-Jun-16 16:01:42

I'll join! I've already lost nearly a stone of baby weight and down to 11st 3lb but ideally should be more like 10st 7lb. I'm using mfp too - Loulou0 - I'll look for you now smile

Loulou0 Wed 29-Jun-16 16:11:57

Deffo my username is soph171717 sorry !

Butterpuff Wed 29-Jun-16 16:12:34

All sounds a bit Shit MrsChrisPatt. Hope the IVF is just feeling like its going tits up rather that is going tits up.

I'd like to join. I'm 5ft fuck all and currently 9st 4. At my best I was 7st 10 and Id like to get down to somewhere under 8st 4 so a fair bit to loose.

I'm calorie counting on MFP and not getting much exercise done at all. DToddler wants to walk everywhere to I cant even speed walk her about in the push chair.

We are ttc but might put it on hold for a month now so that gives me two months to loose a stone. I have been dieting for two weeks and so far lost nothing. sad

DeffoJeffo Wed 29-Jun-16 16:33:32

Loulou0 - haha I've just added a random 19 year old then! I'll try and find you now!

Loulou0 Wed 29-Jun-16 16:38:45

Sorry deffo !!

Loulou0 Wed 29-Jun-16 16:41:41

Today is my lowest ever Fitbit score! So far, I'm on 3500 . It's pissing down and my 2 month old had his injections yesterday so most of the day has been spent cuddling on the sofa. I've been trying to do 13000 each day so today is an official fail!

Uptownfuckuup Wed 29-Jun-16 16:43:44

me !!!

im 5ft 2 and 9stone 7

i really need to be around 8 stone

justjuanmorebeer Wed 29-Jun-16 16:54:56

Me. I am 8st 8 and I would like to be back at 7st6. That is what I was pre preg (ok dd is nearly 5 blush ) I am only 5ft. Have a holiday in 3weeks and would like to be less bloated by then. Have been eating sensibly and stopped drinking since Sunday 19th June but not lost anything so far! Going to eat less per day and try and increase my water intake as I am very bad at that.

Sal4533 Wed 29-Jun-16 16:58:13

I'll join you please!! I am 10st 6, 5ft 8, have put on a stone in last two years after abandoning my very low carb diet. Finding it very difficult to lose weight despite running 3 X 10k per week, so back on very low carb!

QuimReaper Wed 29-Jun-16 20:49:53

Oh yes please, my thread died too and I really need one - it's only 3 weeks to my wedding and I've another half stone to go!

QuimReaper Wed 29-Jun-16 20:51:16

I'm glad to see a few posters here who are relatively light already but (presumably) feeling podgy, like me - I often feel a bit awkward posting on threads where the bulk of posters have a fair bit to lose, like I won't be welcome blush

QuimReaper Wed 29-Jun-16 20:52:26

justjuan since we have the same target date we can be buddies!

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