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No sugar, reduced carb, medium fat and protein with 10:14 combination

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DorisLosing Mon 27-Jun-16 14:20:08

Calling all 5:2/IFs, low carbers and no sugar people.

I have been in the grip of sugar addiction for my whole adult life - and last year I started my journey to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet. I fell off the wagon in spectacular fashion at Christmas and then again at Easter.

BUT - I know what I'm doing with the sugar thing, I've been back together and it's been fine.

My next thing is to reduce the amount of carbs - I went wholegrain when I went sugar free but I want to reduce my dependency on wholewheat bread, brown rice and wholegrain pasta. I'm no fan of potatos or crisps so its' just the complex carbs still...

I don't intend to starve myself: I am upping fats and protein, and have found my hunger is reduced and I'm not experiencing the sugar lows I used to have. I'm not craving crap - I'm enjoying real food and having lots of greens and vegetables. My moods have improved. I've also lost a stone in a month and a bit.

My question is whether anyone has had any experience of combining daily intermittent fasting with lowering carbs? I can very easily go for a long time after waking now and I feel maybe a protein/fat brunch would be a good option instead of the dilemma of what to have for three meals - go for two hearty ones instead.

I've decided to start posting in this section to keep me going - it's been hard on my own :-(

minifingerz Mon 27-Jun-16 17:41:27

Hi Doris
I'm about to start intermittent fasting combined with a diet which involves no sugar, grains or legumes. I've been doing the diet (without the fasting) for 3 weeks and have lost 10lbs but really want to fast a couple of days a week to speed things up and for the health benefits.

I don't eat breakfast. I drink black coffee until about midday/1pm, then have a protein lunch. I had smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and avocado for lunch. Now I'm eating a steak with green beans for my early dinner. I'm not completely low carb as I'm having a little bit of fruit every day.

I'm feeling better for it!

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