I Am More Fat Than Human.

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picklypopcorn Mon 27-Jun-16 12:57:27

It's official: Today I stepped on the tesco scales and have a 52% body fat percentage.

I'm officially more fat than human.

9st 3.6lbs of my body is fat. There's only 8st 6.8lbs of my that's actually ME.

I feel like a complete dick. A really fat, complete dick for letting this get to this point.

I've been on weight watchers since the new year and I'm down from 19st 1lb to 17st 10 but for the last 4 months I've been useless for various reasons and can't get my head in the game.

I think today was the shock I needed, I'm suitably disgusted to get my sizable arse in gear now and readdress the balance a bit!

Bah... horrible shock.

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