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where is the binge eating thread?

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WhimsicalWinnifred Wed 22-Jun-16 19:23:51

Hello I have searched and worked my way through all the threads in this section but just can't find the help thread for those who binge eat.

I was on it a long time ago and now realise I should never have left.

I have been trying to lose weight for a long time but I have no self control once the idea of eating gets on my head. To give you an idea of the rate I eat, I gained a stone in around a month. I need a proven method to help me stop. I eat myself to illness regularly.

QuimReaper Wed 22-Jun-16 20:24:39

Hi OP, are you looking for the Binge Eating Disorder support thread?

WhimsicalWinnifred Wed 22-Jun-16 20:44:45

Yes this is it. Thank you so much

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