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Adapting Slimming World

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scortja Wed 22-Jun-16 16:06:26

I just joined and then unjoined Slimming World.

Basically I like the idea of filling your plate with lots of veg and protein, am less sure about the carbs, and really do not like that fat of any kind is an 'extra' (I know you get some as a healthy extra but its not enough!).

I'm a bit uneasy about the whole Mullerlight side of things too - but I appreciate that its just a suggestion. Although I HAVE just bought some Mullerlight for the first time in years! I'm very suggestible..

I was thinking that it might be possible to synthesise an eating plan similar to Slimming World but maybe swapping fats for carbs?!

Does anyone do SW but alter it so its not so lowfat and carby? Or do you just stick to another plan?

tabulahrasa Wed 22-Jun-16 16:13:30

It's a low fat low calorie diet, so, um, no I can't see how you can add fat TBH.

The carbs are up to you, they're not compulsory and muller lights just don't have Syns, they're not actually listed as a free food, so again, up to you.

If you want to do low carb - that's not incompatible with slimming world at all, but low carb and high fat is.

scortja Wed 22-Jun-16 16:18:39

I just want SOME fat - not high fat..

If SW is roughly calorie based then I might try swapping out something for some olive oil or butter..

I'm just finding it so hard to lose weight but want to stay healthy too..

thenewaveragebear1983 Mon 27-Jun-16 16:47:46

Do a version of extra easy sp. Have 1x a choice (eg milk/ full fat cheese) and 2 x b choice (but avoid breakfast cereal, have nuts/ olive oil). Have lots of meat, fish, lentils etc. Choose free meat that is naturally more fatty such as salmon, other oily fish, lamb, chicken thighs not breast etc. Use your syns on full fat natural yoghurt, extra cheese portion or similar. If you cut out all sugar you won't feel hungry doing this. If you use your syns on sugar you prob won't manage on the free food IYSWIM. Eat fruit in moderation, avoid sugary tropical fruit (banana and mango not free on sp anyway)- have a few berries etc. Potato/ parsnip/ rice/ pasta not allowed on sp anyway. If you eat this way, you are basically doing the equivalent of Michael mosely's Mediterranean plan without calorie counting- but the key element will be using your syns for healthy fats and not for carbs.

thenewaveragebear1983 Mon 27-Jun-16 16:56:06

I should point out here, your sw consultant will likely not support you to do this, the majority that I have met do not understand nutrition well, and you must bear in mind that sw is largely a high carb low fat way of eating. If you want the reassurance of a weekly weigh in, as I do, then continue to go to group. I've been doing Hflc for 12 weeks and I still weigh in at sw, but the groups and the recipes and the 'support ' is largely useless to me. If you want more info come and join us on the Michael Moseley thread! Lots of people do their weekly weigh in on the thread and don't attend a 'club' - I only do because I have lots of friends there and I have been for so long I can't quite bring myself to go it alone

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