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Super healthy eating inspiration

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puglife15 Wed 22-Jun-16 11:12:32

Not trying to lose a lot of weight but i am trying to eat healthily after an illness and be less bloated. Not low carb!

I feel I'm a bit stuck in a meal rut though and desperately need inspiration. I currently eat the same few things plus I'm sure I could be healthier. I try to avoid wheat, dairy/eggs and meat.

Typical days food would be:

Berries, coconut yogurt, granola /muesli (gluten free, low sugar)

Veggie or lentil soup, oatcakes and hummus/avocado and maybe salad

Salmon, brown rice, and two veg, or a stir fry, or veggie and bean chili, or gluten free pasta with a homemade sauce and veg

Nakd bar
Rice cakes w peanut butter and honey

Any ideas?

chickettychick Wed 22-Jun-16 15:30:59

Place marking! Don't have any advice as I am the worlds unhealthiest eater hmm

lastqueenofscotland Wed 22-Jun-16 20:07:44

I've gone vegan recently

Dahl with curry roasted root veg or sweet potato
White bean stew with leafy greens
Pearl barley risotto
Veggie fried rice
Stir fry and rice noodles

Are my go tos without wheat

puglife15 Wed 22-Jun-16 22:56:47

Thanks Lastqueen how do you do risotto with no cheese?

Dahl is a great idea, I feel like I'm 90% rice though... Do you just eat it by itself?

What's in your white bean stew, sounds lovely

BubsAndMoo Thu 23-Jun-16 05:34:35

Deliciously Ella and River Cottage Veg Every Day are cookbooks that are right up your street.

Have you used tofu much?

blueskyinmarch Thu 23-Jun-16 05:56:16

I don't have anything to offer as I was just looking for inspiration for myself but I am a bit baffled at the making risotto without cheese question. I make risotto every week and never put cheese in it. Why would you?

puglife15 Thu 23-Jun-16 07:25:17

I've got the river cottage book, thanks for reminding me.

I'm actually trying to avoid soy in significant quantities too so tofu and tempeh are out. Used to eat them a fair bit.

I'm also trying to do low FODMAP at the moment as my gut is in such bad shape but it's impossible not to eat any dairy, tofu, meat or pulses and feel like I'm getting enough protein!

Bluesky I'd usually make risotto with loads of butter and add something like mascarpone or parmesan at the end. I guess you could make it dairy free but imagine it wouldn't be very nice and creamy - happy to be proved wrong though.

puglife15 Thu 23-Jun-16 07:26:41

Is the deliciously Ella book worth getting if you don't like quinoa?!

potatoscowls Thu 23-Jun-16 07:54:04

Vegan parmesan (Holland and Barrett or health food shops)

puglife15 Thu 23-Jun-16 09:51:39

Is that good Potato?

I've tried the normal violife block and while it sort of looks like cheese it doesn't taste like it!

Jemmima Fri 24-Jun-16 09:37:28

Do you use nuts much? They are lovely in stir frys, rice dishes, salads, sweet and savoury crumbles.

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