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Exercising and eating right

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BendydickCuminsnatch Mon 20-Jun-16 15:01:07

I am doing this, anyone else feel free to join for morale/cheerleading/whining/support/recipes! smile

I have been seeing a personal trainer for about 4 weeks now, and loving it. This morning I had my body fat/muscle/bone density etc measured which was great and I really think this statistical/technical approach will be best for me!

I'm 165cms
26 years old
Physical age: FORTY ONE! Horrifying.
Size 16 bottoms
Weight: 99kilos
46kg is muscle (which is a lot)
45% body fat
9% visceral fat, which is good - healthy range for my age is 1-12%
Good bone density (don't remember the stat)

Am getting a copy of these stats as it will be good to keep them in mind.

So basically I have waaaaaay too much fat, but it's not the scary, inmediately dangerous fat, which I suspected as I've always exercised and eaten OK.

Even when I lose the fat I'm still going to be a heavy person for my size, as I have a big frame, heavy bones and a lot of muscle.

I've always suspected that and it's good to have it confirmed! And now I feel like I can focus on just losing the fat and it doesn't seem so insurmountable now. smile

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