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Low GL, any good? Tips?

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1frenchfoodie Sat 11-Jun-16 08:35:04

My DH has decided to lose weight. For a healthy BMI he has c. 5-7 stone to lose. He has tried a range of diets in the past when we were not together or only seeing each other at weekends (atkins, diet chef, 5:2) and this would be the first when we are living together. We like the look of low GL and think it could work as a badis for my food too, rather than separate meals - though tbh reading the diet plans despite all the GL 'science' they look low cal, low carb so working a number of fronts. He has lost weight in the first week - about 5lb as of day 5 but I'm interested in others experiences over the longer term. Have you tried and suceeded with low GL? Any top tips?

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