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Binge Eating - Feel unable to Stop

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crankyblob Tue 07-Jun-16 12:30:39

In general I eat really well and as a result I am not overweight (by much anyway).


At least once a week, I get an overwhelming urge to binge eat where I will literally eat 10 biscuits and 2 packets of crisps in one sitting.

I don't eat crisps and chocolate the rest of the week and don't even crave it in general but I will get this sudden onset craving (sometimes straight after lunch) and I seem unable to stop myself from doing it. I then spend the rest of the day feeling ill from the sugar and promising myself never to do it again.

I don't have any MH issues that I am aware of that is leading me to eat this way. In general I am very happy in life so not emotional eating.

We have always had a "moderate" approach to eating in our house and so I would not remove the goodies from the children to stop myself.

I know it is easy to say just don't do it but I tell myself this all of the time and yet I still do! How do I fight this crave to binge? It is like I literally want to eat myself sick!

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BatLetRat Wed 08-Jun-16 23:02:27

I'm not sure I'd worry about ten biscuits and a couple of bags of crisps once s week to be honest

Ottosaurus Wed 08-Jun-16 23:10:19

I understand this as I do it myself. I might eat a few cakes, or a few bags of crisps, or eat a second dinner. all of this makes me put on weight. it's making me really sad but it is compulsive and I can't stop it. to some it might not seem much food.. but like you I acknowledge it is a problem, I just don't know what to do to get help.

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