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Half term holiday over - now to that final 7lbs

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NewYearNewNickname Mon 06-Jun-16 08:45:28

I started the year at 10st 11lbs and have have lost and kept off around a stone. I have put a couple of pounds back on whilst on holiday over half term and this morning I weighed exactly 10 stone. I now want to lose that final bit but the motivation is not as strong as it was.

Anyone want to join me in finally reaching the end goal?

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whojamaflip Mon 06-Jun-16 08:55:27

I'm in! Lost 3 stone over the last year but am struggling to shift the last 10 lb - been stuck between 10:3 and 10 for the past 2 months hmm

Beginning to wonder if I'm ever going to get to my target weight sad

roarfeckingroar Mon 06-Jun-16 08:59:59

Yup I have about half a stone to lose, happy to join in! In a bikini in 2 weeks too. I think quitting alcohol is my first step:

NewYearNewNickname Mon 06-Jun-16 13:02:55

Wow whojamaflip 3 st is amazing!!

roarfeckingroar alcohol will have to go here too shock

I'm using mfp and intend to really up my exercise too. 522 cals consumed so far today (inc lunch) so all on track so far!!

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modernfemininity Mon 06-Jun-16 14:36:24

I would love to join please.

I was a very short trunky person, and have now successfully lost weight this year. However, i have the last stubborn, solid old half a stone to go. It's been under there 5 years at least.

I love cooking and do lots of hearty food for the family. Eating and keeping pace with them gave me a new squishy layer of pudge! In many ways my teens are evil, and the food race eating habit is just one of their horrid ways.

Having failed to lose weight in 2015 (half stone off, one stone on), I started in earnest in 2016. Using MFP I reduced my ruffle top muffin top, took a pleat out of my double chin and got more of my back squish to fit under my bra strap. Now I'm down to the hard half stone of stuff which thinks it's permanent.

Half a stone of old fat. Be gawn!! By mid July please.

On a shorty it'll look like a stone off, and I will be a new and improved sexy, slinky, sexy bum. A new woman for our wedding anniversary party.

How are we going to do it? I hate exercise, I must say up front. I can fee my motivation slipping as I type...

whojamaflip Mon 06-Jun-16 14:40:30

But I don't want to give up alcohol <<wails>>

Think I need to go back to gin and slimline tonic to be fair - but it's nowhere as nice as an ice cold beer in this weather!

my weight loss has been a long slow process but driven in part by medical advice - I have IBS which is triggered mainly by wheat so rather than putting up with the problem I decided to deal with it - cutting out wheat means I've gone down 3 dress sizes shock

Problem is I seem to have hit an impasse - can't really reduce my calorie intake any further so I suppose I need to up the exercise hmm

606 calories so far today

modernfemininity Mon 06-Jun-16 14:50:20

I want to keep the alcohol too. Wine.

Sometimes I have a ginless tonic, with ice and a slice, just for the chink chink fizz.

300 cals so far today. Too much coffee. Had Ryvita and marmite and carrots for lunch, but I really want just one cornetto!

modernfemininity Mon 06-Jun-16 15:13:03

3 dress sizes whoja!
Have you bought a snaZy new 'capsule wardrobe' like they do in magazines?

modernfemininity Mon 06-Jun-16 15:20:20

Hmm holiday time coming. I haven't worn a bikini in two years.
Go for it roar. 7lbs off is doable in 2 weeks on the stinky cabbage soup diet, but you'll put it back on on holiday.

CoperCabana Mon 06-Jun-16 15:22:12

Please can I join! Lost 2.5 stones this year. Ultimately want to lose another stone, but will be happy with another half stone before my summer holiday end of August. Alcohol is my downfall - have put on a good few pounds over half term due to hitting the wine. So back to teetotal weeks, with a few drinks over the weekend.

modernfemininity Mon 06-Jun-16 17:57:12

Tsk. Just snaffled some peanut butter on a ring of French stick. Grr.

BettyDraper1 Mon 06-Jun-16 18:52:13

Can i join in? I'm trying to think of healthy convenient snacks... Co-op do some amazing coconut curry popcorn that kills savoury 'crispy' urges. I'm also thinking of boiling a load of eggs up to have to hand for snacks. Anyone know how long they'll keep for in the fridge? Anyone have any other snack ideas? Anyway...


CoperCabana Mon 06-Jun-16 21:20:56

I usually keep boiled eggs for a good few days. I have boiled egg salad most days at work, and batch cook the eggs, and cut up all the salad and put in tupperwares and then prepare a salad each night by throwing it all together. This works a treat for me. I don't do more than a few days as I am a bit anal about such things.

Lellikelly26 Mon 06-Jun-16 22:03:21

I would love to do this. I'm 10st too but my happy weight is 9 and a half st. Really struggling for motivation. Meals are ok I tend to eat rubbish in the evening and can't stop

modernfemininity Tue 07-Jun-16 07:23:47

Good morning Lovely Ladies. So! We've all shown a bit of grit and lost weight already. We're all agreed, it's that last bit we are finding hard to lose, huh?

Eggie lunches have some support, and evenings spent shovelling junky calories into our gobs are to be avoided. But how do we do that?

I like rules. And flexibility, uh huh, flexible rules.

Wine too. I like a little wine. So last night I had a thimble full. ..a 50ml glass in front of crap TV.

We could all agree. Not to eat after SoSo pm. For me that'd be 8pm as I eat with hubby. And we give up other stuff. What would be on that list? Can someone tell me how much fruit I should eat? I have lost he plot about whether it's good or its the devil!

I've only had black coffee so far this morning...

BettyDraper1 Tue 07-Jun-16 09:29:39

I might be out of touch with the research but I feel that if it grows on the ground or on a tree, I can eat it in unlimited quantities (which doesn't mean pig out, but if I want two apples, I'll have two apples). It's got to be better than a bar of Dairy Milk and a bag of crisps.

I've also swapped wine for slimline G&T and so far that's fine.

Cheese is the other Big Bad. I love cheese as much as I love wine. Anyone think of any good alternatives that will nix my Applewood cravings? I've never found a low fat cheese that I liked sad

modernfemininity Tue 07-Jun-16 15:44:43

Cheese. You're going to have to ration your cheese I think. Harsh isn't it.
Have the second apple? I know I know, it doesn't help having a second apple.

The answer is in the strict, harsh battle of our will, against being chubby!!!

What do we want?, cheese and wine.
When do we want it?, when we've lost half a stone and can afford the calories.

Come on gals, eat more like birdies and less like a .... Dunno, like we have been for the last few weeks, shifting no weight off at all!

We will look the biz with that half stone off.

I weighed same this morn (tues) as I did yesterday. I'm looking to be down half a pound buy tomorrow.

No eating after 8 (nor any aftereight mints), no chocolate, not more than 50ml wine and no more than 10 grams of cheese (like a little teeny cube). Today my body is a temple. A quite empty temple grin

(I still fancy that cornetto.)

CoperCabana Tue 07-Jun-16 18:17:15

My diet has worked by doing the following:
No wine (and associated chain eating of nuts!) Monday to Thursday
1 slice of toast for breakfast with marmite and a cup of tea
Black coffee instead of latte when I get to work
Two boiled eggs, cucumber, toms, lettuce with a squueze of mayo for lunch
(Or similar but basically low carb)
Family dinner but I don't have starchy carbs so courgette instead of pasta, cauliflower instead of rice etc.
This came out about between 1,200 and 1,500 cals, but no longer count.
Also Fitbit target of 10,000 steps.
Friday to Sunday - pretty much a free for all!
Have shifted 2.5 stone by doing this, although in fairness am still heavier than many on this thread!

I think the absolute biggest thing for me is no wine in the week. I have found it much easier than I thought and feel better for it.

modernfemininity Tue 07-Jun-16 19:54:15

You are awesome Coper ( what fantastic manilow name!!).

Low carb Mon to Thurs...anything goes at weekends, and without the wine calories, you didn't snack? Sounds fab to have lost so much.

I have reduced carbs. I have done some fast days. If I allowed myself off diet at weekends i would go fast and loose, and gain more weight than I lost in the week. Your diet sounds like my maintenance plan.

I've learnt that as my weight drops I need even fewer calories.

I am going to try smaller plates. I have already moved to a smaller bowl.

I have to diet through the weekends I think... what do you eat at weekends?

CoperCabana Tue 07-Jun-16 20:46:41

The free for all at weekends is more wine related! And associated snacks! We eat pretty healthily at weekends I guess, but I just don't worry about carbs so much. I find my weight yo yos loads - so I can easily put on 4 pounds over the weekend, but it will be gone the next week, with hopefully another 1lb or so, every other week or so.

NewYearNewNickname Wed 08-Jun-16 07:27:03

Hi everyone, glad to see so many of us already being so close to where we want to be smile

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, having a really tough week at work involving redundancies in my team sad and this has led to wine on Monday. I somehow managed not to last night but think that may have been more because I was just exhausted! Anyway thankfully I don't seem to have gained on the scales!

My weight loss so far has been through using mfp set to 1200 but having a 'normal' day at weekends. The problem is now it gets harder and slower!! I think the key for me will definitely be exercise.

modernfemininity I did actually have that cornetto of yesterday grin but today I will go for the empty temple!!

Coper your approach sounds similar to mine. I have either a porridge pot or cottage cheese on rice cakes for breakfast around 10am, soup or salad for lunch but my real problem time is around 5 - 6 when, if I'm not careful, I can demolish hundreds of pretty empty cals. So today my mission is to plan for that and make sure I control it!!

Keep it up everyone, getting closer to that weekend glass of wine wine

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NewYearNewNickname Wed 08-Jun-16 07:30:28

Also my target is actually to comfortably wear a pair of white linen trousers that I haven't been able to get into for around 5 years. I say this every year but this year I am determined!!!

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BettyDraper1 Wed 08-Jun-16 08:39:45

Right, I've just done my food shop online and it's full of fresh fruit and veg, seeds to snack on in work, yoghurt, low fat hummus (not great but can be my Boursin replacement), couscous for work lunches, soda water, etc. Lots of other goodies. And I hereby declare myself an alcohol free zone!

I'm doing this, I really am.

If I could lose these last stubborn 7lb I'd be absolutely thrilled. I've been doing loads of pilates and I just know that my abs are in the shape of their lives but currently, I'm the only one who knows they are there. If I can shift this tum I'm basically going to walk around naked.

BettyDraper1 Wed 08-Jun-16 08:40:03

Right, I've just done my food shop online and it's full of fresh fruit and veg, seeds to snack on in work, yoghurt, low fat hummus (not great but can be my Boursin replacement), couscous for work lunches, soda water, etc. Lots of other goodies. And I hereby declare myself an alcohol free zone!

I'm doing this, I really am.

If I could lose these last stubborn 7lb I'd be absolutely thrilled. I've been doing loads of pilates and I just know that my abs are in the shape of their lives but currently, I'm the only one who knows they are there. If I can shift this tum I'm basically going to walk around naked.

modernfemininity Wed 08-Jun-16 09:53:02

Ha ha cheers to Naked Betty!

Glad you're back OP NewName flowers . Team redundancies are rotten... good luck with that. Sad. Almost excuses you of eating my cornetto. envy

I can picture the elegant white linen trews .. Great target! You know muffin top flab is not elegant don't yes we do need 7lbs off...especially SHORTIE STUMPIE ME. A circle of cornettos above a waistband is not a good look. But then, ashamed me, I had two mini wines last night.

I am same weight as Monday. I had a big soft bread roll as well yesterday and feel guilty for the carbs.

My digestion has altered. Should I eat more fruit or is it too sugary to shed this half stone quickly?

I am at the dentists with tooth ache. More shame. The tooth ache hasn't even stopped me eating!

I won't have wine tonight NewName. You are encouraging me. Thank you. I will join you at weekend. Betty..Try not to snack too much! I find sipping black coffee or water helps. MFP adds up them there cheeky calories for snacks and it's frightening!

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