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I've lost my will power...can I have yours?!

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MrsWalterBishop Wed 01-Jun-16 18:02:37

Just that really! I'm 5"6 and a 1/2, (the 1/2 is very important!)
I've not always been big, but am currently at my heaviest at over 16 stone. I've tried every diet going, and I know in theory what to do, but I just can't get my head or arse in gear to shift some weight!! I would ideally like to lose 6 stone.
Might sound silly, but I'm quite good at losing weight once I get in to it! grin

Has anyone got any tips to up my motivation or tell me where to find some willpower from?!

Or if anyone wants to just tell me what the hell to eat every day for each meal to lose weight, and come around and prepare it for me, that would be good too! ...

28DegreesIsTooHot Wed 01-Jun-16 20:10:57

sorry but you can't have the little I have! smile
The only time I feel strong and able to be in more control is when I don't eat breakfast. I know that's a bit unconventional but eating breakfast seems to kick start my appetite.
I've just joined the blood sugar diet thread in the fasting section.
It's a diet that excludes carbs like wheat, potato and pasta but includes a little brown rice and pulses and lentils.
It seems quite good and people have had some good losses on it.

MrsWalterBishop Wed 01-Jun-16 20:21:27

I'll check that out, thank you smile
I love carbs, but it appears they don't love me!

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