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LurkingQuietly Sat 28-May-16 17:40:38

Ok, having spent 18 months of the last 36 pregnant, and with a waistband to prove it, I am finally ready to act. However, despite running around after a 2 year old and 9 month old, I am still astronomically unfit.

An order has been placed for "sportswear", I've cleared the old office, it's a playroom now and I've put a blind up to shield me from the outside world, a tv and DVD player have been installed...and I'm stuck. Please can I have some recommendations for fitness DVDs for beginners? Nothing so hardcore I will give up immediately. If I'm honest, I'm not even looking for immediate results, what's more important to me is that I can cope with the work out without feeling like a real failure. I'm the sort of person that will stick with it if I can do it, and hopefully the results will follow.

I know, I know, I sound pathetic.

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IgglePiggleIsDead Sat 28-May-16 17:54:01

I'd recommend the 30 day shred. I'm not going to lie, the first couple of days are hard but by day 5 or 6 it's a lot easier and it's encouraging to see your fitness improve that quickly. Plus it's only about 20ish minutes which is easier to squeeze in around kids and general life. It has 3 levels, you do each level for 10 days before moving on for the next but I've never done that. I just do it 3 or 4 times a week and move up a level every 3 weeks. It's on youtube as well so you don't even have to buy the dvd to test it out.

LurkingQuietly Sat 28-May-16 18:07:37

Really? I was a bit scared of the 30 day shred, but based on your post, I may just give it a go. The 20 minute bursts and the different levels sounds perfect. Thank you for responding!

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