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Advice needed in relation to healthy eating and slimming world... ?

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MissBattleaxe Thu 26-May-16 21:27:52

You could do Slimming World online. I do it and it works for me. I do have the odd day off plan, but all that means is I'll reach my target later than planned. I think you need the odd day off otherwise you won't be able to sustain it long term.

RunnerOnTheRun Thu 26-May-16 16:53:45

Particularly this one, and then above this one the rest that follow, very eye opening (and no, it isn't my business I am just a big fan of theirs!)

RunnerOnTheRun Thu 26-May-16 16:48:23

It's too much for me to put in to word but this amazing Facebook group will answer all your questions, go down to the past couple of days posts, they are all about the struggles of people on SW and other diets.

Diets make you fat because they just aren't sustainable, they trigger binge eating and cause so many problems with metabolism. It is definitely healthy to eat some of the things they recommend (not the syns, nothing should be looked at as a sin in life!), but definitely start training to work on the inner health that you want. It is such a shame that the scales and weekly weigh ins are making you fear them, so letting numbers on a scale dictate your emotions.... so so sad

mollya94 Thu 26-May-16 15:36:22

Hi all smile

Just wanting a little advice from any fellow SW members, past members etc.

I have followed Slimming World since Jan 2016 and lost 17.5lbs so far. I got to my target which was the lowest weight that they would allow me attend the group with.

I know it’s very much all about the scales they rarely take into account how you feel, body changes, clothes fitting differently etc.
I am not one to slam the SW plan I think it’s amazing and I’m so thankful for it and what it has taught me.

Little bit of what’s going on now, for the past 4-5 days I’ve been very much half on half off plan – I am due to go on holiday in 10 days (also due to be weighed this Saturday and dreading going as I know I’ve gained and feel like il be disheartened before my holidays) and the motivation just isn’t there anymore (iv got a couple events in that space of time due to it being my boyfriend’s birthday so I know I’ll be off plan one or two days) – star week also hit and I ate like a bottomless pit the past few days.

I won’t be sticking to the plan on holiday I’d rather have a good splash out for the week.. I’m just getting anxious about when I return and the weight I’ll be putting on – I would rather go back to class after my holidays and stick to it to get back to what I was weight wise before I went away.

I had a little thought the past few weeks and just because I got to my target weight I still wasn’t happy with it and would like to tone up however I don’t know if I should continue going to the classes or not.

I’d be happy enough following the plan from home I do love the meals, I’d still meal plan and batch cook and buy the mags but the only difference is id weigh myself on a Boots scale (same time, same day, same clothes etc – I prefer not to keep scales in the house or id weigh myself every day).

I struggle a little with the “moderation” thing and very recently developed a binging habit where I’d be brilliant for 5-6 days out the week and every so often have a binge and blow my syns completely plus more  - this week I’ve done in approx. 250 syns.

What do you guys think? I just need some encouragement, I know I should be looking forward to my holidays and staying 100% on plan but it’s more of a “well I’m gonna be on holiday soon kinda mood”.. I’m sure I would cope with following the SW plan by eating healthy and doing some homemade cooking but then if I fancy a takeaway on a Friday night il have it, the only thing I’m doubting is can I stop there and not continue slipping into old bad habits.

I know if I start to put the weight back on il go back to the classes I won’t just think ah ** it.

Does anyone else have opinions on following a healthy plan for 80% of the time, exercising and being more active but also not feeling guilty about having a takeaway or going out for lunch now and then?
I know it’s all down to me I know its myself and only me that has control over this.

Just a side note, I do prefer the SW way of cooking and the recipes I’ve discovered I love them so much I won’t be giving them up - I will still keep a diary of what I eat, I prefer to write down my meals and snacks as I go, it’s just habit grin

Extra note I do loooove all fruits/veg etc - I did find giving up carbs such as bread and rice and pasta helped my losses when I replaced with alternatives like cauli rice, courgette etc.. just so you know I'm not like a major unhealthy freak I love any fruit, veg, salad item you put in front of me - just also got a major sweet tooth and love pizzas at the same time blush

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