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New advice to eat lots of fat to loose weight

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feellikeahugefailure Mon 23-May-16 20:21:38

Anyone else read the report from the national obesity forum today?

They are saying what I have long suspected that low fat products are making us fat. However they go further to say we should stop counting calories and just eat alot more fat. That I don't agree with, as I can easily make a salad with nuts and olive oil that has 1000cals!

The NHS and other bodys are saying the advice is all junk but I think there is some truth in it.

One doctor has pretty much said the answer is complicated but there is truth to the avoiding low fat products and eating natural fats.

So many of the low fat products are just smaller portions that cost a lot more per gram. I'm really going to avoid those!

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Mon 23-May-16 20:48:11

I believe it ( after losing 5 stone low carving and consuming fat)

Fat fills you up. Low fat products are pumped full of sugar to make up for it......sugar is empty and leaves you with a sugar crash, causing you to eat more!

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Mon 23-May-16 20:48:32

*low carbing!

maggiethemagpie Mon 23-May-16 20:51:59

I eat low carb high fat and it works! lost 4 stone. Plus you can eat lots of cheese!

Wolfiefan Mon 23-May-16 20:53:24

I don't think the advice is to eat lots of fat!
I think the advice is not to choose low fat options and assume they are healthier. Full fat yoghurt will keep you fuller for longer.

DramaAlpaca Mon 23-May-16 20:55:45

I also eat low carb high fat & am losing weight slowly & steadily without feeling hungry or deprived.

YorkieDorkie Mon 23-May-16 20:58:40

When you skim the fat out of products like yoghurt, you need to put sugar in to compensate for the loss of flavour. The advice is definitely not to eat lots of fat!!! It's just saying that where you thought previously you were choosing something healthy that was low fat, you were being conned and probably just eating sugar instead! I've been saying this for blood years. cakechocolatehalo

Poppledopple Mon 23-May-16 22:04:42

calories in, calories out is the foundation of weight loss, gain or maintain.....but the nuance is that 100 cals of natural fats will keep you fuller for longer but 100 cals of sugar will make hungry....if you look at low fat processed versions they are full of sugar and the same or more calorific value per portion but assume they are safe to eat and that you can eat more of it.

I understand that LCHF is all about reaching satiety quicker (ie on less calories) which is a good thing - but it would be foolish to believe that it was not the calorie count at the end of the day - you would def gain weight if you consumed more than your cal-in/cal-out allocation on LCHF or any other WOE.

Micah Mon 23-May-16 22:06:16

Many experts are already saying the obesity report is not correct.

Apparently they have cherry picked the stuff that fits the high fat agenda.

Mincepies76 Mon 23-May-16 23:21:40

Who has become overweight because they are hungry though?! Not me, I'm greedy. So if I ate a full fat yogurt because it would keep me fuller for longer it wouldn't help my utter pigginess and would just add more fat to my intake grin

SayrraT Tue 24-May-16 08:49:45

popple I'm not sure that's true. I'm very overweight and have tried many diets. I lost a couple of pounds after months of strict 1500/1800 calories then tried LCHF (BIWIs bc) and lost 2 stone in 3 months and I regularly ate over 2000 calories. Others on the lc bc will tell you the same.

Micah Tue 24-May-16 09:52:46

The article against the advice to eat fat...

The Obesity article was not peer reviewed.

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