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weight loss surgery

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eatyouwithaspoon Mon 23-May-16 10:32:34

On Friday I saw gp and they have referred me to see cons. Bmi is over 50, aching joints etc. Unable to exercise due to breathlessness, suffer with anaemia since gall bladder was taken out and tablets make me sick. Also peri menopause I think. I saw dietician 2 years ago who was going to follow me up but didnt, who was as useful as a chocolate teapot. I dont think nhs do enough for food addiction when help when I asked for it years ago would maybe helped, who knows. Anyway I work full time and am starting to really struggle, and getting to the point where I think I wont be able too soon. blush
I have tried to lose weight doing SW, but loss was very slow talking 8lbs in 3months.
Has anyone had surgery, did it work for you, what did ypu have done, do you still feel well noepw after the surgery, do you still feel hungry snf hsve uou krpt the weight off? What about loose skin?

eatyouwithaspoon Mon 23-May-16 10:35:23

I might add I have lost and gained over years but never bern skinny, but since I had my gallbladder out I just cannot seem to do it. Feeling really rubbish thst this us what I am having to resort to but want yo see my dc grow upsad

Borogoves Mon 23-May-16 10:47:09

You don't have to resort to surgery! You absolutely can lose weight naturally. If SlimmingWorld didn't work for you then try Weight Watchers. Your GP may even be able to give you a 12 week free referral there. Weight Watchers will teach you about portion size and making healthier choices. I successfully lost weight with them after trying for years. However you have to actually follow the plan not just TRY it. Don't do something that you may regret and mean you can never eat normally again. You can lose weight, you just have to get your head in the right place and believe that you can!!

AFOS11 Sat 28-May-16 20:28:13

If you are considering surgery come over to the Aizonne/Alevere thread - it is expensive but not as expensive as surgery, real results and no dangers unlike surgery

QOD Sat 28-May-16 20:56:26

I'm 5 yrs post gastric bypass. Lost 8 stone and regained 1. Which is a success lol.
I'm very fit and active but had major surgery last year (unrelated) which sat me on the sofa for 6 months (2 months off work and 3 months no driving) so gradually regained 1.stone which I'm battling to lose

I'm late 40s and would have been dead by 50. Bmi over 50

When you are so grossly over weight, dieting seems impossible
it is not an easy option having surgery
I've had lots of problems with different foods and textures but meh
I'm alive and fit and well

I'd never recommend to an under 30 due to tha massive affect on, well, eating!!

Transfer addiction is an issue, I have chronic pain due to surgeries and underlying reasons for it and Deffo tale.too many codeine and drink too often.
but it was absolutely the right decision for me

With regard to future.complications, my hosp are very very on the ball.and I'm been on specialised prescribed multi vitamins (over 100% of daily Rd as yiu don't absorb all.due to bypass) plus iron and calcium.
I'm hoping to continue to be medically healthy which I wouldn't have been when I was so fat

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