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Has anyone managed to shift a big, flabby, post baby tummy?

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maggiethemagpie Mon 23-May-16 09:57:00

I have lost four stone since my last pregnancy (I was HUGE), and am now jut about in the normal range for BMI.
However you wouldnt' know it to look at my tummy!

I have this horrible flabby, rolly, pouch-y tummy and I don't seem to be able to shift it.

If I bloat up I look pregnant!

I could probably do with losing another half a stone but I'm begining to think that whatever I do my tummy wont' go.

I've always been an apple shape, but after ballooning in two pregnancise and having two c-sections, I'm left with this horrible apron. Half flab, half loose skin from weight loss I think.

If I could afford a tummy tuck I would (but I can't). Is that my only hope?

Would love to hear from anyone whose managed to solve this!

ppeatfruit Mon 23-May-16 14:45:35

Yup with a couple of easy exes too grin

The brilliant easy belly busting crunch

1. lie flat on a firm surface, I do this on my firm mattress grin
2. Slowly counting up to 5 you bring your head up 5cms, leave it for 5 secs and slowly release to the slow count of 5 (IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP YOUR HEAD IN LINE WITH YOUR SPINE, NOT POKING FORWARD OR LEAVING IT BEHIND) .

3. Do this 3 or 4 times in the evening and morning. After a while of doing these you can raise your arms flat on the mattress above your head to increase the difficulty.

You can feel your muscles activate. There is another to give your abs definition.

You lie flat and placing both hands on your solar plexus twist your head and shoulders slowly to the left and your hips to the right slowly. Do the same to the other side repeat 2 or 3 times every night and morning.

With these (after reaching my target to lose nearly 3 stone) I have more definition round my middle than I had when I was size 8 !

maggiethemagpie Mon 23-May-16 17:58:54

Thanks you've given me hope!

ppeatfruit Tue 24-May-16 08:42:07

Good luck grin !

Thefitfatty Tue 24-May-16 08:48:02

Have you checked to see if you have diastasis recti?

ppeatfruit Tue 24-May-16 09:44:44

How long ago were you pregnant? It's obviously different when your muscles are not healed after a Caesar, if they are and you checked with your doctor, that it's nothing problematic like Fitfatty says.

Thefitfatty Tue 24-May-16 10:59:57

You can do a check at home:

ledgeoffseason Tue 24-May-16 22:33:07

Yes def check for diastase first, because if you have it you def shouldn't be doing crunches but something like mutu instead!

workplacewoe Sat 28-May-16 13:47:20

Check out Mutu system. It's quite expensive but sooo worth it. It's designed for post natal tummies and works to repair the muscles that have stretched in pregnancy.

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