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Difference in weight between night and morning

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jumpjumpformylove Thu 19-May-16 17:02:58

For the last 5 days (despite exercising and dieting) my weight is staying the same at night before I go to bed as it is the next day. I even weighed myself this afternoon, and it's the same! I've always known a 1lb or 2 lb difference throughout the day, and definitely ALWAYS lighter first thing in the morning - but it's a bit disconcerting when it's staying the same!! I want the numbers to come down!

Are you always lighter in the morning?

Perhaps my scales are malfunctioning...

MissBattleaxe Thu 19-May-16 17:05:12

I'm always 2lb lighter in the morning.

DonkeyOaty Thu 19-May-16 17:05:18

Yes I always weigh after first wee of the day

jumpjumpformylove Thu 19-May-16 17:07:31

I could always count on being 2lb lighter in the morning - but this week has been driving me nuts!

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