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Weight loss buddy for encouragement

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mrskitty15 Wed 18-May-16 15:02:51

Hello, I desperately need to lose about 3 stone following gaining lots of weight whilst pregnant with my daughter.

About 2 months after she was born my mum was diagnosed with cancer so there has also been some comfort eating going on, I also think I am a sugar addict.

I did sign up with slimming world then my mum got diagnosed and I just couldn't do it mentally.

I really want to be happier in my self and my relationship and try and get some of my confidence back (didn't have that much in the first place though(confused)

Anyway, any tips support or advice much appreciated!

Thank you smile

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StableButDeluded Wed 18-May-16 17:53:58

Hi Mrskitty, I'm in a similar situation- need to lose 3 to 4 stone for health reasons, lost a stone doing slimming world last year but didn't stick with it when personal circumstances got in the way.
I'm just about to start SW again, but really want to stick with it this time. I don't want to go to the meetings as I hate 'group' chat things. I'd be happy to exchange some mutual support and encouragement!

mrskitty15 Wed 18-May-16 18:33:54

Hello StableButDeluded,

Sounds like we are in a similar situation. Are you going to get weighed at Slimming World or just not go at all? I had to laugh when I went to a group and they said that it is supportive and not embarrassing and then in the next sentence to the lady next to me... So why have you put on 3lb?... shock Not what I think of as supportive.

I am thinking of doing race for life so that should give me a kick up the bum hopefully!

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StableButDeluded Fri 20-May-16 19:25:27

Hi there, sorry for the late reply!
No, I'm not going to go at all, I have tried the groups several times but I find they make me more anxious about losing weight, instead of encouraging me! I find them a bit intimidating, plus sitting listening to everyone agonising over whether they have lost one or two pounds, whether they 'should' have lost more/less/stayed the same, what they did differently this week to last kind of stresses me out. But then, I am a generally anxious person anyway, so probably I'm in the minority.
Even when I did try to only go to weigh in, I'd get chased up by the group leader and 'encouraged' to stay. I know she was trying to help, but it didn't!

Well done on doing Race for Life. Ahh, back in my pre-baby days I was actually quite fit and not overweight. I did RFL a few times (jogged it, too!) and some other 5 and 10Ks. You wouldn't think it now, ten years on!

I'm wondering whether to try the online version of SW, but I've seen a few posts here saying it's not worth the money. I think the syns calculator might be helpful though...just not sure its worth £5 a week.
Do you think you'll go back to slimming world?

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