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bit of preggo diet advice please - wrote what I ate

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Universeofmaterials Tue 17-May-16 21:43:14

I've reached week 30 carrying DC3 and I've put on a lot, LOT more weight than I have in either other pregnancy. I have felt the most ill with this preg, had terrible morning sickness, so ate relentless junk to relieve nausea (was medicated eventually.) Anyway, got into the cycle of sugar highs and lows and as we all know that becomes a bad habit, so the junk eating has just continued into the pregnancy beyond the point my MS stopped.

If I try to go a day without the level of sugar I've got used to eating I get horrible stomach cramps and nausea until I eat sugar.

I CRAVE carbs and I don't feel at all like salad or meat. I can occasionally be persuaded to eat a bit of chicken or fish but that's the sum total. Today, for e.g., I ate:

Porridge with sugar
Decaf Cappucino full fat milk
Few bites of salmon, salad with salt and olive oil, big hunk of bread
packet of minstrels
whole punnet of blueberries
Big bag of doritos
2 sausages
2 egg omelette with rocket
big bag of chocolate buttons

Any advice? I just want to halt the weight gain.

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