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Louise Parker Method

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artlessflirt Mon 16-May-16 10:55:29

Is anyone doing this? I'm on day one and could do with a few Lean for Life buddies as have a holiday coming up in 12 weeks!!!

ChocolateBiscuitCake Mon 16-May-16 20:27:52

Yes! I am on Day 1 today too!

I LOVE her new book and it sits very well with how I now eat....

The last year has seen me remove pretty much all processed food and sugar, opting instead for a very clean, balanced (protein, carb, good fat) diet.

But my weight loss has stagnated and I feel her book is the missing piece of the puzzle:

Weight loss = calorie deficit. Eating clean can still be calorie dense, no matter how wholesome and raw.

Louise shows how to eat clean, eat balanced AND keep calories in deficit so ultimately your body becomes "lean".

So here goes - I will be your buddy 😀

ChocolateBiscuitCake Tue 17-May-16 21:09:40

Just to keep me motivated, here is what I have had today:

Breakfast: Oat bran mixed with 2%total yoghurt, heaped tsp almond butter & pomegranate seeds

Snack: peach & 6 Brazil nuts

Lunch: tomato, half small avocado, half a mozzarella (left-over otherwise would have had half fat), basil & balsamic vinegar.

Snack: few too many tastes of kids chilli con carne whilst making it!! A hard boiled egg & 10 sugar snaps

Dinner: 1/2 small chicken breast (left-over!), mushrooms, spinach & garlic in 1 tsp butter.

Have drunk two large jugs of water (infused with slices of orange today) - approx 3 litres.
Lots of herbal tea.

I haven't felt hungry, but I have felt a bit spaced out and exhausted. Hopefully I will be a bit more energised tomorrow!

ChocolateBiscuitCake Tue 17-May-16 21:13:59

Oh, and I meant to say my official weigh in today is 10st8 (at least 1 stone over where I want to be). I'm 5ft4.

Flanders1982 Sun 22-May-16 18:41:01

Hi, I am keen to start this too. Read the book and will be ordering some of the staple ingredients form Tesco tonight with aim to start tomorrow. I need to lose 3 stone to be back to pre baby days... It's going to be tough but I am determined to make this permanent change!!

Sarahlouboo Tue 31-May-16 11:53:25

Hello! How is everyone getting on with this? I have been doing it for three weeks and I have lost around 10lbs. Struggling to fit all the exercise in though - need to tone now.

Mina2303 Thu 26-Jan-17 08:46:04

Hi everyone! I just started the method today and I'm just wondering: Has anyone tried out her vanilla oatbran recipe from "Lean for Life" and not gotten the result that was shown in the picture? If I add just two table spoons of oat bran to one and a half cups of milk, I don't get a nice and creamy oatbran. I get some sort of milk soup. Am I missing something?

MrsDesperado Fri 27-Jan-17 17:12:17

Hi Mina2303, yes I had the same problem until I realised that my tablespoons were not big enough - try 40g oatbran to 250ml milk - that should work. We have a running thread here - come and join us!

asyr Fri 15-Sep-17 11:09:33

Hi everyone, I feel so happy to find this thread as very new to mums net as well as Lewis Parker Method, I'm starting today and at week 1 Day 1of transform program, would be extremely delighted to know if some one else has started recently and is on the plan, need to loose 40lbs in total and would welcome any tips regarding meal plans etc that has worked for some one or hasn'tsmile
Look forward to read and share the success n failure stories ;)

asyr Fri 15-Sep-17 11:10:08

Can anyone kindly share the daily menu as in what did you eat for breakfast, snacks , lunch and dinner in a week and achieved maximum weight loss? And dinner to have latest by what time?

Lastly I'm still confused as in when to have a breakfast? After the lemon water drink straight away or have lemon water first, then work out and then breakfast by 9:30 ish am ???????
Kindly share your experiences !

Joana1975 Fri 03-Nov-17 13:23:47

Hi everyone! smile I just bought the book and had a cursory read through yesterday. It all looks great BUT... I work a 5 day week and most of these meals are not something I can cook in batches or for the whole family. I can work around that but am a bit concerned over the near absence of carbohydrates in the lunch recipes. I can cut carbs at night, no problem, but if I don't have just a little bit at lunch it is guaranteed I will have a slump (with the shakes and the sweats) come 3 pm and then eat whatever I can find. Is anyone else having an issue with this? Also the breakfast portions will most definitely not keep me going more than an hour. I am a 2 bags of porridge and coconut milk person... I don't want to jeopardize results by eating larger portions but breakfast is non negotiable. How are you working around hunger pangs and/or portion issues? Thanks!

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