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Weight loss with PCOS?

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GracieAmbrose Mon 16-May-16 10:27:16

Hi all, I'm just looking for some advice from anyone with a success story really!

I have PCOS which is massively affecting my weight and my lifestyle and, frankly, making me miserable...

Since my son was born three years ago, my weight has gone up quite a bit. As my weight has increased, the symptoms of PCOS have gotten worse, hair and weight around my middle being a couple of them but recently I've also noticed I'm getting the dreaded 'brain fog' that can often be associated with this disorder. I need some help!

Last summer, after my exams, I thought I would try and tackle this problem properly for the first time since my son's birth. I hired a PT, got a bike and exercised like mad on most days. My diet wasn't massively strict though it was mostly low carb. I still had Saturdays off and maybe a dessert after dinner. Three months passed and I had no weight loss!

Has anyone with PCOS (which makes it harder for weight loss anyway) successfully managed to lose weight and kept it off? I'm so desperate I've been considering some form of weight loss surgery...

Thank you in advance smile

GracieAmbrose Mon 16-May-16 12:57:13

Bump, anyone!

DrewOB1 Mon 16-May-16 13:02:09

If you join us on the TTC with PCOS thread, you can get more attentionsmile
I found I lost weight really easily if having a high fat / no carb diet. It's disheartening though sad

youlemming Tue 17-May-16 21:00:58

I have PCOS and lost about 2st while TTC my first, it was slow and steady but manageable rather than previously yo-yoing.
It was pretty much keeping to a strict low GI diet and I went from 17 to 15st.
After DD1 I did go back up and was as good with my diet letting things slip a lot.
The second shot at sustained weight loss was after joining the local rugby team, I didn't just lose weight but got fitter and much healthier.
Had DD2 and again let things slip, even though I went back to training due to an injury and it now being the off season I can't just rely on the exercise and need some will power to get on top of my diet again.

I think with PCOS you have to be much stricter as it takes that extra effort to make an impact but once it gets started it does become easier, as long as you maintain it!

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