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Herbalife, good or bad?

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MusicMum18 Fri 13-May-16 11:21:33

A few years ago I lost loads of weight through Herbalife. I had an under active thyroid which I didn't know about for ages and I got diagnosed at the same time as starting Herbalife so not sure if it was this or the medication that made me lose the weight.

Having got a 1 year old I am wanting to lose my pregnancy weight and just cutting back has not worked! So I'm using Herbalife again!

I don't want to keep using Herbalife and yoyo ing but how good is it? Are there any dietitians out there that could advise? I feel full after the shakes and I like the snacks. I am a sugar addict, so I am slowly cutting it out, not going cold turkey. I feel I have more energy and it fits in well with my lifestyle. So many positives, but is it something that is sustainable? If I get pregnant again, which I am hoping to do, is it safe to use in pregnancy? Herbalife people tell me yes, but they would do wouldn't they!!

I'd like to use it ongoing not just to lose weight. I've tried weight watchers but wasn't keen.

Any advice on Herbalife much appreciated.

Thank you xxx

MusicMum18 Fri 13-May-16 11:25:28

Forgot to add...I have a 1 year old, and I'm not sure I like drinking shakes etc in front of her. I like us all eating a meal together! I wish I could just eat better on my own but I seem to do better on the structure that Herbalife gives!

familysizepack Wed 18-May-16 17:24:06

It's just a really expensive low calorie diet. The shakes and teas etc are not especially healthy as far as I know, quite high in sugar. I'll not add anything else as I might not be polite about it. grin

I've been losing weight using the My Fitness Pal app/website. It's free and much more sustainable than a special diet.

I eat what I like, but logging the food helps me see what a difference it makes when I reduce my portion sizes a bit (eg I used to eat huge bowls of cereal) and maybe miss out a few snacks because they really add up.

It feels quite easy because there's nothing I 'can't' eat and it's quite motivating to have a target to aim for. smile

I feel like I've a lot more energy after losing weight so far.

Junosmum Wed 18-May-16 17:55:46

It has all the nutrients you need but has a high sugar content in relation to calories. Also makes you prone to regaining the weight due to not making sustainable changes. it's also a mlm and I don't like it from that point of view.

I'm alsousing my fitness pal, which is working well.

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