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Just 10 lb......

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CallWaiting Wed 11-May-16 06:34:20

I've not posted here before and I guess I'm looking for some support. I'm not hugely overweight but I've put in about 10lb since I started a new (and emotionally demanding) job.
I know it's not a lot of weight but it's a whole dress size and I've definitely put on weight on my face which is the worst bit for me.
It's hard to get motivated so I've joined SW as they are happy to have small weight losses- but I'm struggling as the patterns of eating I've got into are bad.
Anyone else trying to lose a small (but significant to them) amount of weight?

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pollyannahale Thu 12-May-16 17:18:39

Small amounts of weight are harder to lose, the less you need to lose the more your body resists it BUT it's totally possible (I'm a PT/Nutritionist). Hopefully SW will give you some structure to start with.

LizardBreath Thu 12-May-16 17:25:53

Same!! Can I join? Terrible eating habits that need to break! Considering doing a shake type thing next week just to break sweet thing habit.

My work clothes don't fit, and I refuse to spend money on new ones!

pollyannahale Thu 12-May-16 17:56:35

Shakes won't break a sweet habit. Keep blood sugar steady with loads of protein & fibre (veggies), reduce carbs and eat fat (low fat is terrible!)

LizardBreath Thu 12-May-16 22:11:01

I know pollyannahale and your suggestion is my long term plan (honest!) it's more the action of easier to have chocolate I need to break.

I know it's not a v sensible thing to do, but a fixed 'plan' and a weigh in appeals to kick me up bum!

Wanderingwondering Thu 12-May-16 22:14:42

I need to lose the same amount. Have needed to lose it for over a year and am in danger of putting more on if I don't do something about it.
My downfall is evening snacking-I'm currently considering a cheese toastie!

tigerdog Fri 13-May-16 06:59:37

Can I also join? I have put on over 7lb in 5 weeks! Would like to shift 7- 10lb before a holiday in 6 weeks. The problem is that my new job is more sedentary, and involves more socialising. I was not drinking at all for months but have relaxed my usual rules and the extra weight is definitely in part due to increased wine consumption and eating out more. My meal choices are generally pretty healthy, but snacking and sweet stuff is also my downfall.

I'm doing more exercise - two 20 minute resistance training sessions and two yoga classes per week, but I think I need to add some cardio to that to burn off this extra fat. I feel horrible as my clothes are tight and uncomfortable. I'm thinking of trying couch to 5k again.

Food wise I think I need to quit sugar, as lizard says I need to break the sweet habit.

I'm considering 5:2 as I think the fast days would do me good. What are others trying? I have also toyed with doing a juice detox.

I have a weigh in at my training session today and my scales at home say I've put on 2lb! blush I went for tapas last night and had half a bottle of wine - excuse was a celebration (DH got promoted) but I need to stop the excuses and sort myself out!

I will be weighing in every Friday at my training sessions, so hoping that will offer motivation....

callwaiting when is your weigh in?

Right now I'm going to take the dog for an early morning walk, in the hope that will help somehow!

Wanderingwondering Fri 13-May-16 07:24:31

I've been running for 2 years now (not continuously!!) to start with the weight dropped off but now it does nothing. I think I need to mix it up with some HIT or something. Have DVDs so really should just get on with it

Wanderingwondering Fri 13-May-16 07:25:06

Resisted rhe toastie btw!

CallWaiting Fri 13-May-16 08:21:27

Wow just read all these responses :-)
I've joined SW and its 9lb to lose- which is DEFINITELY a dress size and the return of my cheek bones!
I've done a SW shopping trip and I'm feeling motivated- in being weighed next Thursday.
My job is demanding and surrounds me with cake so it's a daily battle to resist!

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CallWaiting Fri 13-May-16 08:22:39

Also determined to start my exercise DVD again. It makes a huge difference but I've got into lazy habits. I'll start with twice a week as I'm working 50 hour weeks for the next few weeks (which isn't normal!!)

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tigerdog Fri 13-May-16 08:24:33

Nice work on the running wandering. I'm not much of a fan of it, but I need to do something I think.

Also good work on resisting the toastie. I'm ok in the evenings, don't tend to snack then. I find that a mint tea after dinner helps take away the need for something else. If I'm desperate for something I will have a hot milk before bed - either semi skimmed or almond with with a dash of cinnamon. It's 3-5pm that's my weak point, and will find me reaching for the chocolate!!

So I'm starting my day with a boiled egg, a banana, yoghurt and some hot water and lemon. Hoping that will keep me out of the cupboards/fridge until lunchtime...

tigerdog Fri 13-May-16 08:29:26

Will you be going for around 1lb a week call waiting? Making time for exercise is hard when you work that many hours!! I go to classes as I fnd that booking them in advance makes me go. Then I am doing my training sessions at lunchtimes.

It's a nightmare when there are loads of treats at work - thankfully I don't eat wheat/gluten so it's rare I can actually have what is on offer! It's definitely habit - if you can break the habit then it gets easier.

I work from home a bit and that is also difficult sometimes - all too easy to raid the fridge!!

CallWaiting Fri 13-May-16 09:01:35

I'm actually hoping for 2lb a week. My habits of eating are so appalling that I think once I've made some significant changes I should start to lose the weight...... I hope. I've like to have lost 7lb in a month as in going on holiday :-)

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CallWaiting Fri 13-May-16 09:03:08

I work from home too tigerdog and it's so true about the temptation of the fridge. People visit me at work for work meetings and BRING cake! Constant temptation!

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pollyannahale Fri 13-May-16 09:08:53

No juice detoxes! They are not good for you honest! If you want to not crave chocolate you need to eat protein, fat & fibre (fruit & veg). Have you tried Quest bars? They're my fave nutritionally.

Shakes are fine sometimes for convenience but don't live off them. I use whey or pea protein powder daily, sometimes as a shake, sometimes mixed in Greek you or to make pancakes etc.

But liquid meals aren't as filling as solid so don't replace all meals with shakes.

LizardBreath Fri 13-May-16 09:39:21

I also work from home and can't resist the fridge / biscuit tin! If I don't have it in I'm ok but am also in the bad habbit of going shopping when hungry - planning really helps me (and I spend much less too!) so need to get back into that.

I think I'll weigh in on a fri, 10st 11 for me today-gulp! My normal weight is 9'12-10'2.

I also managed a half hour Hit class this morning and have had a shake with banana whizzed in for breakfast which was nice. One day this week I had 4 twixs fingers for breakfast so an improvement!

pollyannahale where can the quest bars be purchased?

CallWaiting Fri 13-May-16 09:47:55

I'm 10st 5 (weighed Thursday) and normal is about 9stb 9.
Good luck everyone and thanks again for your virtual support and companionship!!!

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LizardBreath Fri 13-May-16 09:58:57

Good luck to you too call, thanks for starting the thread, perfectly timed for me smile

tigerdog Fri 13-May-16 10:05:52

Yes, thanks call, it's exactly what I need.

Sensible advice pollyanna. I might check out those quest bars.

I'll report back from my weigh in and PT session later but I'm expecting to have gained.. Argh.

tigerdog Fri 13-May-16 14:41:35

Weighed in 10st 1 - it's the first time I've gone past the 10st mark for several years. sad Will be making a big effort to reverse that this week.

CallWaiting Fri 13-May-16 15:52:30

I'm excited to hear how everyone does.
I had halloumi for lunch so not got off to a great start!!

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Wanderingwondering Fri 13-May-16 19:19:31

I'm 9.12 at the moment. Went up to above 10 over Christmas but have managed to rein it in slightly by then.
A couple of years ago I would have been disgusted with myself at 9.10 so I feel I've really let myself go!
I know I'd look a million times better at 9.4 and feel slim at 9.

pollyannahale Sat 14-May-16 10:24:18

I work at hibe too, snack on drinks if that makes sense! Time out to boil the kettle instead of go to to fridge! Green tea is good for cravings.

Quest bars- I have an online store but Munsnet doesn't allow links out! The fit mum formula shop dot com , all lower case no spaces.

Sorry admins if this isn't allowed please remove, just answering request from post above!

AddToBasket Sat 14-May-16 10:28:45

Can I join in? I'm in exactly the same position OP. New job, less exercise. I'm more tired, appetite goes up.

Tbh, I'd be happy with losing half a pound a week - but it seems impossible.

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