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Five Foot Tall (and trying to lose weight)

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modernfemininity Tue 10-May-16 21:57:28

Anyone else petit like me, and also a bit pudgy?

I am 5 foot tall, weigh 8st 12, and have a bit of cellulite on my legs and upper arms that makes me look like I have them stuffed with cottage cheese.

Pudge really shows on a shorter lady! I have quite a good waist but my tummy and bottom and thighs are heavy. I would like to trim down so I don't look like a lumpy UmpaLumpa.

I am on day 2 of using MFP which lets me enter a minimum of 1200 calories, meaning a weight loss of half a pound a week. I hoped that it would be safe to lose faster than that! If I ate 500 calories less than my need, that would be about 800 cals.

I would like to lose 14lbs ideally, but I would settle for 10. (I was 7st 5lbs less than five years ago, and just under 7 stone three years before that).

I have 9 weeks.

Is it okay to be eat under 1000 calories for a while? I have made some low cal soup which I enjoy and I could fast if that is a good idea.

I have a plan to move/exercise a little more but I don't want to do any gym classes. I am very busy and active, but do no sport.

I wear clothes nipped in at the waist and hope that i look quite smart, but even a size 8-10 on my height looks like a 12-14 proportionally.

I am fond of little dresses for out of work, but without tights I am worried about the afore mentioned legs padded with lumpy custard under the skin.

Any tips for dieting for the shorter woman?
What affect does height have on calorie need?
Will the cellulite ever reduce?

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Jumphigherandhigher Tue 10-May-16 22:13:19

I am same height as you and I weigh far more than you and loosing it slowly - had a baby recently.

From what I know, your height doesn't have significant impact on your calorie needs.

Personally, I don't want to be too skinny. I want to be around 9 stones. Because anything less makes me look like a kid - that's despite my big bum and boobs. I have been very very skinny and I have been fat (with pregnancy) and I have decided that i prefer a tiny bit of fat on me as I feel like grown up adult clothing suits me better when I have some fat as opposed to when I am too skinny and childlike.

In the past I have lost weight through cutting out sugar, refined carbs and existing on super healthy food while doing five days a week gym. It took a while for this. I have also lost quickly through low carbing but i didn't like it.

modernfemininity Tue 10-May-16 22:35:49

Thanks jumphigher.... Yes, and when i was thin and small, I found (before) that it made me different to almost everybody.

I didn't feel I looked child like myself. When thinner I felt more energetic and I could wear silky, sexier clothes. (Congrats on the baby!flowers)

Cutting out sugar and refined carbs. .. Is that for example no cake, or does that mean no carrots or oranges because they contain sugars?

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