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1 stone down in a month another in May, who's joining in?

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Cjbusymummy Mon 02-May-16 04:09:25

I've been so down about my baby weight. So far since deciding to do something about it I've lost a stone in one month. I just need the motivation to keep going. Want to join me on this journey? X

Luc28 Mon 02-May-16 04:18:20

Well done! How did you do it? DD is now 6 weeks and I'm dying to loose the baby weight x

Ihatechoosingnames Mon 02-May-16 04:30:10

Well done on losing a stone in a month! That is fab!

My DD is 6 months and I've lost about 2 stone 7lbs since her birth but I have at least 3 more til I'll be happy. Definitely want to lose a stone in May, I'm so down about my weight and feel awful about myself.

SharingMichelle Mon 02-May-16 04:50:32

I also lost a stone in April. Not sure if I will manage to keep this rate of weight loss up in May but I'm sticking to the plan and as long as the weight keeps going down I'm happy. I'll join you.

goodenoughmum88 Sat 07-May-16 11:52:16

I'm in! Lost a stone of baby weight so far and still another 1 stone 9lb to go. Have been dithering for about 2 months and need to crack on and be strict as LO is 7 months old and so excuses are running thin!

Himalayanrock Sat 07-May-16 12:01:51

Same! Just lost a stone in April and now need to lose the second! I'm in !

Himalayanrock Sun 08-May-16 03:18:54

Sorry!! Have I thread killed again?!

Strawclutching Sun 08-May-16 04:32:02

I'm in. Baby is 8 weeks and I've lost 2 stone 9lbs without trying but I'd like to get back to eating healthily now.

Sootica Sun 08-May-16 04:45:36

Hi can I join? I put a stone on comfort eating over the winter and now the sun is out and I feel hideous and can't hide in baggy clothes. My youngest is 2.5 and I lost 2 stone over 6 months before ahe was 1 (there was more baby weight but that was the stubborn to shift weight) and nearly have put it all on again

Sootica Sun 08-May-16 04:47:31

What is everyone doing to lose weight? I think I will do calorie counting (MFP) and it will have to be fitness videos for a while because I'm too embarrassed to go to classes / out for a run while I'm so fat

Strawclutching Mon 09-May-16 09:26:36

I'm going to low carb. I can't exercise at the moment as children are up at 5am and I'm in bed by 730. I'll just have to cram in exercise where I can and try and walk more.

Embolio Mon 09-May-16 09:28:59

Can I join? Baby 10 weeks now and I've 3 stone to lose, only about a stone of this baby weight though, ds1 is nearly 4! I'm going to follow slimming world plan as I have all the books etc at home, but will try to come at it from a clean eating direction.

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