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How to measure progress if starting resistance training and on low cal diet?

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Poppledopple Sun 01-May-16 14:53:18

If muscle weights more than fat...? I want to start resistance training to build muscle so that my basic metabolic rate is higher - and have a lot to loose so need to go low cal.

Is there anything apart from basic tape measure which can track body shape rather than weightloss?

Worried that weight (actually fat) loss efforts will not show on the scales and this will be demotivating?

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lists4life Sun 01-May-16 14:55:57

You probably need to look at your percentage of body fat which will show on some scales. Also measuring waist, hips and thighs on a 3/4 weekly basis will show you your progress. You're right the scales won't give a true reflection of your hard work.

Poppledopple Sun 01-May-16 15:11:16

Do the % body fat scales actually work though? I cant see how they do - think you would need an MRI scan! Good point to measure only every 3-4 weeks as I cant imagine any real difference will be picked up weekly......which is the kind of timescale need keep motivated. I suppose I could dig out some smaller clothes to see how tight there are - and how looser they become....

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gentlydownthestreamm Sun 01-May-16 15:23:18

Apparently the body fat scales work by sending an electrical pulse of some sort up through your body, which gives the reading. You also have to have programmed in your height, age, sex etc in advance.

I would like to lose body fat in favour of building muscle too, but my reading suggests it is quite difficult to simultaneously lose weight and build muscle. Apparently body building types do one thing at a time, so for a while they'll focus on overall weight loss (I suppose via cardio and low cal eating) then they switch focus to a phase of muscle-building (via higher calorie diet esp protein, and strength training).

It all got a bit confusing for me at this point so decided just to focus on overall weight loss for now, then once I have dropped a few kg I will look more at what exactly I need to be doing to build muscle and drop body fat percentage.

Poppledopple Sun 01-May-16 15:30:56

Thanks gently that is really good to know - seems a shame though as it would be nice to accelerate the weight/fat loss and become more toned at the same time...rather tahn looking like a saggy deflated balloon.

I am also really worried that I will loose the small amount of muscle that I already have on the low cal diet?

Are there any % body fat scales anywhere public - ie boots or tesco do you know?

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gentlydownthestreamm Sun 01-May-16 15:40:56

I think if you are overweight and embark on a weight-loss programme then you ARE going to be losing fat and revealing more of the muscle you already have, so you will surely look more toned. You just can't transform the fat you already have, to muscle, you have to actually burn it off. And I imagine that exercise and strength training is key to maintaining the muscle you already have.

I am definitely not an expert though, this is just what I have understood from my own limited reading on the subject.

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