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PaxAmDays Wed 27-Apr-16 22:42:48

Has anyone out there done The Bodycoach SSS 90 day plan alongside their partner? I'd like to do it, as would DH but would it be really awkward to do it together with different meals etc?

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4forksake Fri 29-Apr-16 20:39:18

I'm doing it as is my DH. If you want to do it to the letter, you'd both need plans but we decided just to go for me getting a plan & DH following it. It's not ideal as his macros will be higher than mine, but I've got a fair amount to lose so have quite high macros anyway. I double up on my amounts & then add a bit on for DH. We're both doing well (nearly 9 weeks in) but he's probably had a bigger difference than me (which is so bloody annoying!!!!)

I figured that doing it this way would be easier than having to cook 2 separate meals. There's enough cooking to do as it is without creating more. Don't know how much better he'd be doing if he was eating the correct amounts for him.

We both do the workouts too.

Hope that helps!

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