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KITTYLETTES weightloss Diary!

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kittylette Thu 11-Jan-07 14:41:44


After having 2 DS's since 2004, i now weigh

11 stone 9 & 3/4 lbs

Monday will be my weigh in day,

I am starting actislim tablets wen they arrive, i have a cross trainer (thanks to a mumsnetter!) a Davina work out DVD and my lovely DF bought me an MP3 player to exercise to!

Wish me luck!

and feel free to join in!

elclose Thu 11-Jan-07 18:17:16


i have got 2 kids the youngest is 14months and i weigh 10st12.5 lbs need to lose about a stone
I have got the davina video too, an exersize bike and a rower so far i am doing rubbish!
Gonna try harder so wish me luck too!!
P.s i am 5ft4 so dont look too grat a stone over weight

elclose Thu 11-Jan-07 18:17:36

what are actislim?

kittylette Thu 11-Jan-07 19:43:48

a herbal slimming tablet, they supress your appetite and make you burn fat

SNOWMANdymoo Thu 11-Jan-07 20:06:03

i weigh 11 stone 6 lbs, 5 ft 6.

I have cross trainer which im doing half hourly stints on most nights and rather than dieting as such, im kinda just cutting out all of the crap and wine.

Weighing myself tomorrow!

Have also started an online diary (or dairy! )


SNOWMANdymoo Thu 11-Jan-07 20:06:40

forgot to add - i need to lose 2 stone in total but definitely a stone by March as im back to work after maternity leave and i need to be able to get back into my old work clothes!

kittylette Thu 11-Jan-07 20:07:58

were pretty much the same then

that crosstrainer nearly killed me first time i went on it, hehe

did 20 mins on that & 20 situps tonight

good luck to you too

SNOWMANdymoo Thu 11-Jan-07 20:15:18

well done.

Im having a night off the x trainer tonight -nearly killed myself last night!

Im beginning to think i may need to do SW or WW - i just dont have any willpower hence the fish and chips ive just wolfed down for tea................................................................................

What sort of things are you having at meals and for snacks?

kittylette Mon 15-Jan-07 11:51:24


Monday 15th Jnuary

i weigh : 9 stone 8 & 3/4

which means ive lost a lb since Thursday not much but its a loss!

Today i started my Actislim tablets,

i had a cerealbar at 9am and took my tablet after, been drinking water and not really hungry yet - tho not sure the tablets have kicked in ?? been told to expect a tingly tum, but zilch up to now.

next tablet at 1pm after my lunch of homemade veggie soup.

feeling good about myself as im feeling positive and confident about loosing weight for once,

next weigh in Monday 22nd,

aiming for 3lbs

buktus Mon 15-Jan-07 11:57:04

so on thurs you were 11 stone and now you are 9 something

i am confused am i missing something

kittylette Mon 15-Jan-07 12:00:39


*i wish*

i meant 11 stone 8 and 3/4 lbs

not 9 stone!

ive lost one lb, not 2 sone 1lb

buktus Mon 15-Jan-07 12:02:09

oh sorry i thought bloody hell, whatever those tablets are i am getting them now , how much are you trying to lose?

kittylette Mon 15-Jan-07 12:03:41

i want to be 10 stone, dunno why, my DF is a skinnywinnie and he weighs that,

hes trying to bulk up and im trying to slim down,

id rather have his aim

buktus Mon 15-Jan-07 12:04:36

boobs are getting closer then

mellowma Mon 15-Jan-07 12:06:34

Message withdrawn

kittylette Mon 15-Jan-07 12:16:08

yeah hopefully

well i havent had ago of the DVD as weve only got a DVD player set up in the living room, its a bit of a hassel during the day, as id have to transfer the kids upsatirs for my shower after, and id feel like a fool / crap lapdancer doing it infront of DF at night!

im waiting for him to put the other DVD palyer in the bedroom

mellowma Mon 15-Jan-07 13:18:45

Message withdrawn

kittylette Mon 15-Jan-07 17:53:20

these tablets are great

i know ive only been on them for a day, but im always soooo hungry and i pick and pick

but i had a cereal bar for brekkie and a tablet, plus a pint of water, then nothing till 2.30 (a big ! for me) when i had a bowl of HM veggie soup and a tablet, with another pint of water,

and ive just made dinner for the clan, and not picked at a thing!!

ill make myself something later

i honestly usually wouldve been having biccies and butties, anything thats available,

cant judge them completely yet, ill wait till next mondays weigh in to do that, but thumbs up for now

kittylette Tue 16-Jan-07 15:46:07

mellowma, i did the davina today and it was FANTASTIC!

i usually cant do them but it was 'do-able' but a real good work out

i did 30 mins, the first of the 3 work outs

i started to do the 2nd one, cardio boxing but DS was getting bored and started to cling to me so i couldnt really move

but definatly reccomended

i actully WANTED to carry on

plus you can turn the talking off and just have music so you dont have to listen to Davina

mellowma Tue 16-Jan-07 15:59:18

Message withdrawn

kittylette Tue 16-Jan-07 16:00:35

god yeah, my thighs are still pulsing from squatting

MummyPenguin Tue 16-Jan-07 16:57:18

Ooooh, can I join? I've been meaning to get my lazy arse back in the gym. MUST go if not this week, then definately next. Kittylette, where did you get the actislim tablets? I think I'm about 10 stone 5lbs. I'd really like to be 9 stone, but would be happy with 9.7.

kittylette Tue 16-Jan-07 18:01:58

of course

the actislim tabs - i researched them first, but then bought them off ebay as they were a bit cheaper there,

diary -- did 40 situps before shower

kittylette Wed 17-Jan-07 19:18:59

i was naughty and had a fried egg butty for brekkie,

but only had a slice of toast for lunch, and thats it upto now - probably why im hungry

im REALLY proud of myself though cause i felt crap this morning but still did 45 mins of my workout DVD,

AND the clan have just had chippy for tea and i didnt even nick one chip!! how good is that???

feeling really good

Mandymoo Wed 17-Jan-07 19:48:12

good for you!

Ive been good all day but coming down with a cold and got craving for hot buttered toast!

Dont forget weigh in on Fri

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