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Long slow weightloss/weightlifter? wants company

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lasttimeround Tue 26-Apr-16 16:09:51

ve got 2 stone to lose for a healthy weight. I'd like to lose another on top so say 3 stone. Im a continental European so im really thinking 20 kilos.

I'm trying hard to stay sensible as I keep yoyoing (either over restrict and binge or low carb and binge). I need to stay focused on healthy habits and decent eating - moderate deficit. I'm a bit discouraged at slow progress and could do w company. My progress over last 2 months painfully slow.

Plan is gym 3 times a week. Trying to increase level of activity generally as well. Eat 1500 cals consistently - up to 1800 (Tdee) if exercised and not below 1300. (BMR)
Try to just stick with it and not go for a quick fix. Every quick fix I do works for a short while then has me scoffing and weighing even more than I started.

Anyone who wants to do similar I'd love you to join me. But can we avoid discussion of treat foods and focus more on diet hacks/ gym ideas? I find I get hungry when I read about other people's treat meals - I am aware no one may want to come to my party now. ...but just a couple of people committed to slow sensible weightless would really help

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