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Love Slimming World but hate all the crap...

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CwtchyQ Tue 19-Apr-16 07:35:10

I am on SW and have lost a stone, but I'm growing reeeally tired of some of the crap recipes and the idea that all fat is bad fat. Plus I'm sure Muller Lights cannot be good for me. Anybody want to share their eating plan for some inspiration? I've just seen some appalling pictures of myself on FB and really need to sort my shit out - I'm 5'2 and 10 stone 11 blush

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katienana Tue 19-Apr-16 07:44:24

If you don't like muller lights try plain fat free yoghurt and put your own fruit in for flavour. I'm pregnant so have gradually stopped doing it properly but a typucal menu for me was
Porridge topped with raspberries or poached egg on 2 slices 400g hovis
Jacket potato and beans/tuna/chilli + salad or pasta salad or cous cous salad
Stir fry/bolognese/ chilli/ curry/ Meatballs/ fish & chips
Snack on fruit, crab sticks, yoghurt, home made dips and veg sticks
Syns I like to have chocolate every evening or a mini magnum

What are your favourite meals before you did slimming world? Most can be tweaked.

wonkylampshade Tue 19-Apr-16 07:46:18

Leek, lemon, garlic and chicken stock risotto with pan fried pork / steak / chicken breast sitting on top and a salad: yum.

Grandmarnier Thu 21-Apr-16 19:41:27

You've lured me out of my long term lurking!! I am really interested in this. I've been trying for the last week to use my syns for 'good fats' like avocado, full fat greek yog, oil etc. It's gone reasonably well but I have to leave at least 5 syns for the evening for chocolate! And I have been using all 15 syns every day.
But... My weight loss is defo slowing to around 0.5 to 1 pound a week, so I'm tempted to return to fat free every thing until I hit target.

BikeRunSki Thu 21-Apr-16 19:50:08

So know it's changed a bit since I did it 3 years ago, but when I did it, there was no need to eat crap at all. It very much seemed to encourage loading up on veg and fruit. I did eat gallons of low fat yoghurt, but the only vaguely processed food I ate much of was Babybels. The occasional Muller Light for packed lunches.

RunnerOnTheRun Thu 21-Apr-16 21:13:19

Slimming World is SO slow to catch on to the fact that Muller Lights are a chemical shit storm. Don't get me started on the syn value of an avocado over a flump!!!

They brainwash people with old, outdated information to get you hooked. "I'm allowed flumps? Brilliant, I'm in!"

Eat FULL fat Greek yoghurt. Not low fat chemical laden yoghurts with no flavour or satiety value.

dedicatedfollowerofyellow Fri 22-Apr-16 06:21:54

I couldn't get along with SW to be honest, so many good foods were a 'syn'. In the end I decided to joining the opposition where the selling point was that you could eat what you wanted. What I wanted to eat was healthy, low-GI, unprocessed food with no refined sugar in it. The portion sizes are smaller on WW though, but then my eating habits changed and I lost weight week in, week out.

...sorry, not really the answer you were after op!

froubylou Fri 22-Apr-16 06:56:58

I am restarting sw on Monday. I don't like muller lights so if I desperately need a yogurt I will have a normal yogurt and syn it. Same with that shitty fry light stuff. Will use normal oil and syn it. I think a teaspoon of any oil is 2 syns so it's not a lot when you think about how much you would actually eat if doing a stir fry for example.

I will also try and use syns for meals so I don't have to use quark or any of the other bizarre stuff!

CwtchyQ Fri 22-Apr-16 14:41:19

Thank you everyone - I do get a bit hmm when Muller Lights etc are free, but nuts and avocado etc are Bad Things.

I haven't looked at WW before actually - may have a little gander...

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katienana Fri 22-Apr-16 15:04:59

Nuts and avocado (and chocolate and wine) aren't bad things but they do need to be eaten in moderation. And if you want nuts and full fat Greek yoghurt you can't also have wine and crisps that day and expect to lose weight. I think you can actually have nuts as your healthy b so they aren't banned at all.

RunnerOnTheRun Fri 22-Apr-16 19:58:55

Katie, that is where SW is wrong. Nuts and avocado need to be eaten in moderation if you are lean and looking to get ripped. An overfat person does not need to worry about these natural foods. They are naturally satiating, full of goodness and no one got fat eating avocados. I agree with the chocolate and wine needing moderating. Muller Lights should be blanket banned. No goodness whatsoever.

Cookiesandcoffee Fri 22-Apr-16 20:45:48

I would ignore all advice to eat Muller Lights and use Fry Light. They aren't physically healthy for you. Fully agree with 'chemical shit storm' advice. So much of it is very out dated advice IMO. I don't advise eating a huge bag of nuts every day but the health benefits of cooking with coconut oil and eating avocados can't be denied if you ask me! Someone I know also drinks Diet Coke all the time on SW. I don't want to be negative and unhelpful but a lot of the advice does frustrate me from a health perspective. I don't know the complete syn system these days but if you want to stick to it I would use your syns for good fats. What about Yeo Organic full fat yogurt? Sweetened with cinnamon? Usually where things are 'low fat', the fat has been substituted by chemical crap.

Have a meal at the weekend where you allow yourself the chocolate you've been craving or whatever it may be. Everything in moderation and all that!

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