Anyone on SSS90? Joe Wicks Body Coach

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sweetheart Mon 18-Apr-16 13:25:27

I'm all signed up to the SSS90 plan - unfortunately I've just sustained an ankle injury which is going to scupper me somewhat but I plan to proceed on the plan anyway and see how it goes. I'm on day 1.

Anyone else on it for some support?

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NisekoWhistler Mon 18-Apr-16 13:26:40

Are you on Facebook there are some brilliant support groups on there.

I did it before my wedding last year and loved it. Also think it helped me conceive too.

Hope your injury heals soon and you smash it!

sweetheart Mon 18-Apr-16 13:34:08

I am on facebook and have the main page on there but I don't seem to be able to find any of the support groups.

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NisekoWhistler Mon 18-Apr-16 15:38:48

90 day plan - getting lean in 2015
It has 14,700 members
The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan Unofficial Client Community
This has 24,300 members

Those should help

sweetheart Mon 18-Apr-16 16:06:59

Thanks I'll have a look at both of those x

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holidaysarenice Tue 19-Apr-16 02:24:14

I had a look at this but wasn't sure what the diet plan involves? How prescribed was it?

Kleverkakes Thu 21-Apr-16 12:39:30

Hi all, I am interested in this too, have been following on Instagram for a while. Great results. How is it going Sweetheart? Have you started yet?


sweetheart Thu 21-Apr-16 14:13:28

What do you mean by prescribed? It's very individual - no 2 people get the same plan and even if they have the same recipes the volume of ingredients is tailored to each person.

It is a lot more faff and hassle than Instagram would have you believe and if you join the facebook groups you will see that a lot of people have nothing like the amazing results posted by the official page.

Think I've been done by the marketing and hype :-(

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BatFacedGirl Thu 21-Apr-16 14:29:02

The results are good if you work at it but don't be fooled by the 'everyone has an individual plan.' They don't, not really. You are told you have a personal coach but they will never contact you and if you contact them they can take days to respond. It's also not a personal coach ... You're responded to by anyone in the call centre.

Having said that though, the results are there for the taking but it's hard work and very expensive food cost wise

BennyTheBall Thu 21-Apr-16 14:36:04

I am doing it (sort of).

Agree with poster above - your plan is not tailor made and I think it is NOT worth the money. I have had a couple of generic e-mails. When I see people on Instagram thanking their coach, I think confused. I got reams of recipes, but the layout is crap and nothing special at all. I am very unmotivated by it all so far and can't help but feel I have thrown the money away.

It would be just as easy (and £150 cheaper) to follow the principles of low carbing, allowing some carbs on training days and trying to do HIIT sessions about 4 times a week.

I have followed some of his HIIT sessions on Youtube but I hate, hate them (even though I consider myself very fit). I prefer to do them on the treadmill and do spinning classes.

Kleverkakes Thu 21-Apr-16 14:39:36

I am wondering how sustainable it is past the 90 days? The one group on Facebook, there were a lot of people saying they had been on the 'sad step' and disappointed to only loose a 1-2 lb. Yes, granted it was cycle 1 and I think it's geared to the inches lost but I think that would disappoint me. I want to loose weight and inches!!
And on cycle 1 if you do a workout and earn yourself a meal with carbs, do you have to eat it immediately after your workout or can you have it later in the day?

Kleverkakes Thu 21-Apr-16 14:40:49

There was also some talk about the workouts on cycle 2 taking an hour?? Which is a slightly scary thought I have to say.

sweetheart Fri 22-Apr-16 16:28:14

Apparently you are supposed to eat your car meal 60-90 mins after you've done your workout.

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Racheyg Sat 23-Apr-16 20:53:57

I've been dipping in and out of this diet plan since jan. my friend had exactly the same plan as me and we are totally different size and shape.

I'm really struggling to stay on plan. Have 1 / 1 1/2 more stone to go.

BitterLemons1 Sat 23-Apr-16 21:29:35

I had disappointing results with the Body Coach - the plan included lots of foods I didn't like, used artificial protein powders, and I didn't get personal responses when I emailed. I then decided to try a different on-line diet plan and this was a total contrast and exactly what I'd hoped the Body Coach would be but wasn't (whilst being substantially cheaper!) It was the Freedom Diet Coach website, I received an individual plan and I emailed them absolutely loads and always received a personal reply from the same person. Worth a look for anyone wanting a similar thing.

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