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What is a bulletproof coffee supposed to do for me?

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DaughterDrowningInJunk Sat 16-Apr-16 13:12:48

And how do you make one? I have seen them mentioned on here before, and I have being doing youtube exercise videos and a couple of people on there suggest bulletproof coffees but I'm not really sure why.

Do you have to blend it? I have just tried to have a cup of coffee with a spoonful of coconut oil stirred in and it was absolutely foul and I had to pour it away. I didn't put any butter in. I like my coffee hot and if I poured it into a blender and then into a cup it would be too cold for my tastes.

Notsoskinnyminny Sat 16-Apr-16 18:20:01

You can make it with either instant or filter coffee although I prefer filter. To start with I'd use 1tsp coconut oil and 1tsp butter and then build up. I add the coffee, give it a quick whizz with a stick blender and put it in the microwave for 15 seconds as I hate cold coffee. I now prefer it to coffee with milk.

DaughterDrowningInJunk Sun 17-Apr-16 17:05:40

Thank you. I didn't try it again today but I think I will follow the advice to build up slowly while I get used to it.

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