Weight loss/healthy diet in pregnancy - tips needed

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Thurlow Fri 15-Apr-16 14:58:33

I don't mean a full-blown "diet" but my diet in general is pretty shocking, and I'd really like not to put on too much non-pregnancy related weight over the next few months. I tend to snack on biscuits and chocolate a lot, eat shop sandwiches and crisps for lunch etc. (Essentially I'm was slim in my 20s eating rubbish, but now I'm in my 30s it's starting to show.) I don't want to deprive myself of anything but I'd like to find a way of getting into good habits of plenty of fruit and veg, less snacking on biscuits, three good meals a day etc,

Can anyone give me some tips on a good, healthy but not overly calorie restricted diet that I could try and follow once the nausea and thus carb overload first trimester has passed?

Dinner won't be too much of problem as DP cooks and we tend to have things like griddled chicken, dhal, fish curry all with veg. We can add even more veg and cut back on the carb portion a little bit, make more tomato-based and less cream-based curries etc.

Snacks I know I just need a well stocked fruit bowl and plenty of oat cakes and similar (as opposed to chocolate and biscuits).

What is good for an office based lunch? I have access to a microwave at work - is a jacket potato or some pasta with salad a good idea? I don't have much time in the evening to prepare anything complicated but could certainly put together a salad or boil pasta.

Breakfast is always a big problem for me, I tend to default to sugary cereals, toast and jam or some sort of pastry. Any ideas what I could change this too? (For various boring logistical reasons porridge is really off the agenda in the mornings).

Sorry for the long waffle, but any suggestions would be great. I know I shouldn't calorie restrict, especially as I probably only would have needed to lose 8lb if not pregnant to get to a nice size (I'm very short), and realistically I will need to be eating quite a lot. Has anyone else changed to a good healthy diet when pregnancy, or could you recommend any meals that will be good?

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