lost 3.5 stone...

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ItsaTenfromDen Thu 14-Apr-16 19:57:49

put a stone back onsad

On a upward cycle at the mo, can't seem to stop binge eating

How do I get back on the healthy eating/dieting wagon?

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Arsenalfan06 Thu 14-Apr-16 20:03:44

Find some old photos of when you was bigger.
Hopefully that will inspire you to eat healthly again.
I feel your pain, a couple of years ago i lost 2 stone , i put that back on plus 2 more.
You really really dont want to end up back at sqare 1,
Stop now whilst you can.
Have a last binge tonight and start fresh in the morning.
After a few days youll get back into the swing of things.
Im 2.5 stone down now. 2 more to go grin

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